Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hair Accessories and The Adam Lambert Show American Idol

So I'm going to admit that I have now confiscated one of my 19 month old daughters hair accessories, I'm a terrible fashionable momma now! I got this idea from one of my latest favorite blogger's Ashley, she is SO stinkin' adorable and has the most unique sense of fashion that I've come across in the blog world, and I have every intention of copying some of her cute ideas! I thought wearing the white shirt and a colorful necklace just wasn't enough, I wanted a cutesy little hair accessory, so what do you think? Will you wear this new trend? I personally love it!

Now on to the next topic... The Adam Lambert Show American Idol

I'm SOOO sick of the fa sad that is American Idol, it's getting ridiculous with how much the judges, and America for that matter, idolize Adam... he is NO role model in my opinion. I really was considering giving him a chance during his first performance Tuesday night when he sang 'One' by U2, but as you all can guess, he totally blew it when the screaming came towards the end, WHAT was he thinking? My husband has been saying the ENTIRE season that if Adam did an Aerosmith song he would totally seal his fate and win because he would sound just like them, guess again... he TOTALLY ruined Aerosmith for me and the rest of America. My hubby admitted right away that he immediately regretted suggesting that group for Adam to imitate.

As you all know by now I absolutely LOVE Kris Allen and Danny Gokey, I was SO disappointed last night when Danny went home... I was honestly praying that Adam would go home and it would be Kris and Danny in the finals. Oh how WRONG I was, I should have known better. I feel bad that Danny was NEVER in the bottom 3, EVER, and he got the shaft last night. I HATE that all the judges were frowning and saying 'OH MY GOSH' when they announced that Kris made it, HOW RUDE?! He has every right to be there, he's a phenomenal singer and always puts his own personal touch on every song he does. To do a rap song and make it sound the way he did, kudos Kris. That.Was.Fabulous.

Goodbye Danny... Hello Captain D-Bag and Kris, best of luck!!


Lindsey said...

1) You already know how I feel about the hair accesory and 2)ADAM HOW I LOATHE THEE!!!!!! Lame-O! Although, as much as I hate to admit, he'd probably be 'one of my gays' as I say. I would just make sure he would NEVER EVER sing and/or give me the creeper stare. 'Nuff said.

Laura Fluke said...

you crack em up! Hate Adam too!!! The bow was cute... you have to have a spunky, sassy personality to pull this off, you wear it well!

Chelsey said...

Love it! Too cute!

Kayla said...

found your blog from ashley's... but I have to say I was HACKED by the judges reaction when they said Kris was safe... and since he's an arkansas boy I am rooting even more for him!!!!!