Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Words on Motherhood

Sometimes motherhood is tough. I will be the first to admit it. Sometimes I put on a really good front that we have it all together, and that I am the perfect mom, when in reality, some days are FAR from it. Yesterday was one of those days. Being a mom is the most rewarding, yet challenging jobs there is. I am home with the girls, so I'm with them all the time, except while they're at school, and the occasional outing when I run errands alone (rarely), or squeeze in some much needed girlfriend time. Sometimes that has it's advantages, and sometimes it has it's disadvantages. Sometimes I feel like I snap a little too quick when it's been a long day/week, sometimes I feel like my patience is worn thin because I'm their sole caretakers since Gerrad works long days. I also feel like sometimes I'm entirely too hard on myself, yesterday was also one of those days.

With out over sharing, Macie has been having some issues at school with friends. Some her fault, other's not her fault. She is learning a hard lesson that all of us females learn, and it's tough on my mom heart to let her make the mistakes, and not be able to control what she says/does. I know children have to figure things out for themselves, but watching them do it, and sometimes fail is HARD.

I try so very hard, to show my girls God's love, and set good examples for them, but I fail on a daily basis. Sometimes I need extra help, from my husband, my mom, friends, etc... I wish there was a handbook I could just pick up when times got rough, and there would be a simple solution for my problem right there in writing. Why hasn't anyone invented this yet?! (Kidding, kind of)

These words are so true.

Sometimes I think I need to give myself a little credit, and try not to be critical. I need to put my controlling nature aside, and give it to the One who knows what's best.

Tonight before bed, the girls and I tried something a little different. We each said one thing that we love about each other, and I wrote them down. I think positive reinforcement/praise is something our family needs to work on. Negativity stays with you for so long, and breaks you down. I want to make a change for the girls, so I'm praying this sticks. Conveniently, in the girls' devotional tonight, the topic was about loving yourself. Thanks for the sign, God.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things That Make Me Laugh-2

I've blogged about my love/disgust for Toddlers and Tiaras before. Some of you agree, some of you think the show is ridiculous, I agree with both sides. The mothers of these children have some serious issues. Can we say "living vicariously through your child" ?!!

Mackenzie is still my all time favorite pageant girl (maybe), but last week I was watching the show, and discovered Alana. There are no words, other than WOW. The mom, talk about hot mess, but an oh so funny hot mess, at that.

I'm ashamed to say, I've watched this video no less than probably 50 times. Aly and I spent the better part of last week joking about it. I think I have the whole video memorized by now, don't judge. Laugh a little!