Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Funnies! #2

Hello again, seasons greetings to everyone! Hope you are finishing up all your holiday shopping and getting ready to enjoy some great holidays w/ the family!

Thought I'd bring you some more Friday funnies

There would be a lot of upset Americans!

I would have two or three pairs of these and need to wear them daily!

Who doesn't like quality outdoor time?

Now for my favorite: Funny Vids

Hope you got the extended warranty on that new flat screen!

All i can say is, better him, than me!??

Stupid Bike!

I guess that's one way to get it into the water???

The scary thing is....I've seen this happen first hand! Water has some ridiculous power!

My Favorite:


Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Funnies!

Welp folks, I'm back again. I have coerced molly into letting me take over her blog on Fridays to post my version of Friday Funnies! These Fridays will consist of my views on some of the funny stuff i find searching the web. Of course, not all will see my posts as being funny...but i guarantee they will be funnier than that dumb 4th of July tribute Molly loves so much!!!!

I love the Dos X's commercial. 

We got coach purse, and fendi glasses, but no pants???

Hilarious! But mean!!!

Why cant all women be this understanding???

That's all for this week! I don't wanna waste all my material the first week! Until next time! Adios!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Behind the blog: The husbands point of view!

I finally got Gerrad to blog for me. Not too bad for his first time. My comments are in pink :) Enjoy! Thanks again G.

Welp, here we go. My first guest blog. Molly has been begging me to do this for some time now, and I guess since I did just get a new laptop I might as well put this thing to use.  In exchange for the daily motorcycle parts search and funny video watching. I think I have found mollys newest biggest pet peeve. I am a sucker for hilarious, viral videos. The thing about the videos I watch…they are not anything molly would. I find these hilarious videos and forward them to molly only to get the response “quit sending me this crap” (Y'all most of these videos are SO raunchy, you'd die).  Its funny, what’s good for one isn’t good for the other.  I’m supposed to be just uber thrilled to watch “crap” molly sends me. Prime example seen below.... (This video is hilarious, clearly Gerrad has no sense of humor)

Molly and her friend Ashley have contributed to at least 261,XXX views of this video. No one else could watch this and think its funny.  

Here lately in the Hall household we have been on this chill on the couch and watch movies mood. We haven’t been out doing too much.  Its actually quite nice to be able to just take a break and hang out with the girls. This sounds like I’m part of some woman's group but being in a family of all females its always a woman's group around here.  I have just learned to deal with all the estrogen flowing abundantly here. I have lately gotten our youngest to take some interest in some fun guy stuff (She's still MY baby and always will be). We watch football together whenever we have the opportunity. We recently attended our first Demolition Derby (Where you'll find our towns finest). To see this little girl so amazed that people just crash cars for no reason is so hilarious. 

We had an awesome time and she loved that her little friend chloe and her brother jacob got to attend too!

When molly first asked me to guest blog for her, i was totally shocked. I really wasn't into the whole blogging thing...but have recently been asking molly why she hasn't been more consistent on blogging. I never thought blog reading would be something i could take part in...but i have found a few lately that i read on a daily basis. Of course they're not crafty, pinterest ideas. But i seem to enjoy them....find them here.  (He is in denial that y'all care about his football blogs ;))

I've been instructed to cut it short cause i'm not talking about girly things....maybe i should just start my own blog and be able to talk about testosterone and sports etc. Until next time....thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feel Your Boobs

This post will probably be a little too TMI for the men who read this (my dad, Gerrad, G's dad)... So if you can't handle 'boob talk' stop reading now.

First I have to say thanks to all of you who said a prayer for me when I simply just asked "Please pray for me today." Y'all rock the house.

For a while now, I've had sore breasts (which I chalked up to a side effect of having the Mirena IUD). Monday the right one was really painful, like almost in tears painful. I did a self breast exam and found a lump. I told Gerrad about it, and had him feel it when he got home from work. He said he felt it, but that it was probably some type of bruise (a bruise, really babe?! MEN!), and I should wait it out for a few days just to see if it got better. I agreed, and went about my day. Tuesday rolls around, and I have this little voice in the back of my head saying "Just call your Dr and see what the nurse says." So I did, she acted somewhat alarmed, and scheduled me for an appointment the next morning.

I remained calm, and simply called my mom to come over and cover for me with the kiddos, she agreed, but not until I told her what was wrong. I knew she would cry, and in turn make me cry... so I hesitated. Of course I told her, and we both cried for a split second, then we told each other to STOP, and calm down. I calmed down, and immediate started praying. Whatever was going to happen, was going to be OK. I didn't panic, and knew it would all work out. Usually I am a total over reactor, but that's mainly with my kids. I did really well, and was proud of myself, only cried once.

I had my appointment yesterday. My Dr agreed she felt something abnormal, that she didn't believe it was a cyst, but more of some type of irregular breast tissue, and wanted me to have a breast ultrasound (this is when I cried). She said if anything abnormal was found on the ultrasound, we would move forward with a mammogram, which also freaked me out. Went to hospital to have the ultrasound, and all is well. The tech said I have very dense breast tissue in that area, which I guess is common in younger, child-bearing age women. My Dr's office called late afternoon, told me they got the results from the ultrasound, and that all was OK. They said that I should take some type of calcium supplement, and decrease my caffeine (GAH).

I really tried not to let my mind wander, but decided if anything serious came about, we would deal with it, and it would be OK. It's hard when you hear of so many young women getting breast cancer, scares me to death. Some of our best friends just lost a friend in her mid 30's who had breast cancer go into remission, and come back several times. She left behind a young school age daughter. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. I'm so thankful that I'm aware enough of my body to know something was up. My Dr stressed repeatedly how important it is to do self exams monthly, and always call if you notice even the smallest thing you didn't notice the month before. I will be sure to do a MUCH better job from now on.

Thank you to those who emailed, text, tweeted and called me. I didn't want to tell too many people, and alarm everyone until I knew more details. Simply asking for prayers was more than enough, so thank you!


Monday, December 5, 2011

MIMO Monday

So Chelsea and Holly do this super fun post called 'Make it My Own' Monday. You find an outfit for inspiration (mostly on Pinterest) and then try to make it your own.

Here is my inspiration outfit...

Love the tunic with belted cardi, leggings and boots. So cute!

Here is my adaptation of the outfit (although I opted for skinny jeans instead)... P.S. Pardon the blurry photo, that's what happens when you rely on your children to take the photo with your phone :)

Tank: Old Navy (tan and cream)
Cardigan: Old Navy (coral)
Jeans: Target
Boots: Target

I'm about the furthest things from being a Fashionista (only because I spend my days wearing my mom gear- sweats), but I love to dress up on the weekends when I actually have places to go. 

Go find yourself an outfit for inspiration on Pinterest and link up with these 2 fabulous ladies!! 


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who Doesn't Love a Good Laugh?!

Everyone loves a good laugh, so why not share some of the things I find hilarious that I see on Pinterest. I'm sure Gerrad and a few of my girlfriends get tired of me sending these goofy pics to them, but as long as it makes them laugh, I don't care ;)

Here is the photo I shared this morning. I could not stop laughing. It's the little things in life!

Truer words have never been spoken :)

Amen to this statement. WalMart brings out the worst in me!

The greatest costume from Napoleon Dynamite EVER!

I know a few people who would be disappointed by this.


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to some of my favorite ladies. This morning as I'm sitting here with my family, I'm counting my blessings, big and small. I feel like there is so much to be thankful for this year. We haven't had any significant life changing events over this past year, but I feel more grateful than ever before. Just to have our health, a God who allows us second chances, family that loves us, friends we can count on any time, jobs that provide for our family, and so much more. I've seen people in the social media world listing things they are thankful for every day, and I love that idea. Sometimes we need to just take a minute to be thankful for at least something.

So today, with a full heart, I'm thankful for:

A husband who makes me laugh every day.

A first born daughter who is so much like me, we butt heads daily.

A second born daughter who has no filter, who was born to entertain.

A set of parents who I consider my very best friends (aside from Gerrad).

A Heavenly Father who forgives me for my short comings daily.

Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, they really do make the chilly fall days a little brighter.

Social media/blogging, and the lifelong friendships I've made with women who I would have never known otherwise.

The smell of sweet little newborn babes.

A job that allows me to stay home with my children, and love on others children at the same time.

Our sweet lab Riley.

Laughter. It really is the best medicine.

Netflix. (Keeping it real here people) Gerrad and I have spent countless hours watching the silliest shows, but it's a way we spend time together.

My niece, who is SO much like Macie, it's crazy.

My girlfriends. They all have such kind hearts, and would be here in an instant if I needed them.

Photographs. Being able to document my children's every milestone is one of my greatest joys in life.

Music. My productivity would be null and void if it wasn't for internet radio.

My inlaws. We always have such a fun time when we're all together. I love holiday family gatherings.

My children's heart for Jesus.

I hope everyone has family to be with today, and takes time out to be thankful for just one thing, no matter how small. Just being with these two little blondes is more than enough to fill my heart!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Blessed Life

At church our pastor is doing a series called 'The Blessed Life.' He is talking about giving to the church and seeing God's blessings flow out onto your life. It got me thinking about all the things that we are blessed with. It actually kept me up a few nights, just praying thanking God for his faithfulness for our family.

Sometimes around this time of year, I feel like people can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, with Christmas approaching, people are SO focused on money, and buying gifts, that we forget what we're even celebrating. People can get so caught up with money... not having enough, having too much, spending too much, making ends meet, etc... As I've said before, Gerrad and I are not rich by any means. We live a normal, middle class life, but I don't consider having gobs of money, a blessing. What I consider to be a blessing, is that I have a loving and faithful husband who works his hands to the bone to  make sure his family is provided for. I have a roof over my head with heat to keep me warm, clothes on my back, food in my mouth, 2 beautiful daughters who make every single day worth living. A God who loves me, and forgives me for my short comings. Supportive parents, who even though their marriage didn't work, they still manage to tolerate each other to be there for me and my children. A family I gained from my husband, who love and care for us through it all.

I've been dealing with some serious resentment issues where my sister is concerned, for quite a few years. I wrote a while back about finding contentment where my sister is concerned, and I've finally found it. We are trying to move forward and heal our broken relationship, and there is a part of me that is She is going to meet my children over Thanksgiving for the first time (she was around Macie a few times up until she was about 2), and I just have to pray that it goes ok. Giving it up to the One who knows her heart, is the only thing that I can do.

Feeling like you're blessed can come from so many different things. Sometimes I feel like we just need to take a step back and look at all the things we have, instead of all the things we want, or think we need. I'm obviously on a random tangent today, and needed to break my non-blogging streak. And maybe one day soon, I'll actually blog all of our pumpkin patch and Halloween photos :)


Friday, November 4, 2011

The One Where I Punked My Child

Have any of you seen this Jimmy Kimmel video where he asks parents to tell their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy, and video tape their reaction? It's SO funny. Especially being the mom of a toddler who I knew would totally flip out. Aly first shared it on facebook, and then her and I started tweeting about doing this to Addaline.

P.S. The last set of kids on this video are a HOOT! I swear the kid in the red jammies, is way too grown up for his age. Goodness he made me laugh so hard.

After watching the video I thought (yes I'm evil) "I wonder how Addaline would react if we did this to her?" Gerrad wanted no part, and thought she would flip her lid, so I did it to her this morning. I think it took her a minute to realize what I was saying, but she definitely reacted just like all these poor kiddos.

After this video, I showed her that we in fact, did not eat her candy, and all is calm on the home front. Enjoy your Friday morning laugh!

*No children were harmed in the taping of this video. She happily has her candy back in her possession.

Monday, October 31, 2011

You Asked, I Answered. Part 2

It's clear that I've been slacking on blogging lately. I think twitter took over my love of blogging, whoops! So here are the rest of the questions and answers for y'all.

Emily asked: What made you start blogging, and how do you become so close with your blog friends? 

I started blogging to keep track of our family, to have a place to keep track of the girls growing up, to be able to build relationships with other women in the same area of life as us. It's so fun to have a place to keep all of our family happenings, to share all of our photos, and the things going on in our lives. Building relationships with fellow bloggers definitely takes work. Most of your corresponding is done through email, and sometimes texts and phone calls. I have made SO many wonderful friends through blogging. I also find that a lot of my favorite bloggers are on twitter as well, and we do a lot of our communicating there. 

Mateya asked: What did you used to do before you started your daycare? Mateya and Rebekah asked: Are you originally from KS, did you grow up where you live? When are we going to meet? Mateya and Melanie asked: Did you go to college? Where and what for? 

I was an administrative asst for the Dept of Labor before I started my daycare, not too exciting, but a great job, that sometimes I miss. I live in the same town that I was born and raised. We moved to California for my dads job for a few years when I was younger, but moved back to our home town. I didn't go to college. Right after high school, I had Macie, and started working. Mateya, I really do hope we get to meet sometime soon. We'll have to arrange some type of meet up :)

Rebekah asked: Is there another place you would rather live? What would be your dream vacation?

I love living around our family and friends, but eventually down the road (MAYBE) I would love to try living in another state. Maybe Florida? Who knows?! I think that we will probably live here for most of our 'working life,' but maybe when we retire, we'll move somewhere warmer. My dream vacation would be a family beach vacation, probably to Jamaica or Hawaii. Seeing the girls play on the beach, and just giggle with excitement is one of the best memories I have! 


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Asked, I Answered. Part 1

Thank you to all you ladies who asked me some fabulous questions. I finally have time to sit down and answer. Our weekend was non stop, I didn't get to sit down and relax at all until Sunday evening, phew!

Ok here are the questions, and answers...

Caroline asked: What is your favorite thing about your family?

My favorite thing about our family (just our family of 4 I'm assuming she meant) is that we're always laughing and being silly. I think laughter is good for the soul, and I definitely feel like we spend a majority of our time laughing. The girls are such a wonderful source of entertainment, and always keep us laughing (and sometimes crying).

Katie asked: What is your favorite bible verse and why? What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to social media? 

I have 2. The first one is: James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above... I love this verse in reference to the girls. 

My second favorite is: Ecc. 4:12 ... A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. I love this verse in reference to Gerrad and I, staying strong and forming a united front. 

My biggest pet peeve in social media? I don't know that I really have one? I think common courtesy applies, if someone communicates with you on facebook, twitter, blog, etc... it's polite to reply, and it's fun to build new relationships.

Meghan and Mateya asked: How did you meet your husband? What is the best thing about being a mom? What is the most challenging?

Gerrad and I met the summer after I was out of high school. A gf of mine begged and pleaded for me to go ride motorcycles with her, a guy friend of hers, and another guy (Gerrad), I agreed (this was in my more 'wild child' phase by the way, you couldn't pay me enough to get on a motorcycle now that I'm a mom). We spent the evening cruising around town until all hours of the morning, and the rest is history, 10 years ago this past summer, We have had our ups and downs, and relationships take work, but I am SO thankful he is the one for me!

The best thing about being a mom? There are SO many things, I'm not sure I can say just one. Discovering that love and heartache and laughter and tears have no limits and some days, I experience them all within a single moment. Watching them conquer something new, and seeing the pride on their faces, best reward EVER. The most challenging thing about being a mom? Sometimes not being able to heal their hurt, or fix things for them. I struggle with this the most, because I'm such a control freak, and want everything to always be copacetic. 

Aly asked: If you had to chose one store to shop at the rest of your life, where would it be? How did you decide on the girls names? Any special meanings? 

The shopping question is tough! I would probably say Target, because they pretty much have EVERYTHING. My frugal clothing voice in the back of my head says Old Navy (I'm SUCH a mom, goodness). 

The girls names? There was definitely no exact science to it. Macie's name we kind of decided on my default. Gerrad wanted to name her Maddy, and I wanted to name her Chloe, and somewhere along the way, we decided on Macie. I had remembered a Spanish teacher in high school named her daughter that, and I loved it. Now it's super popular, and everyone has the name. Hind sight is always 20-20 ;). Addaline's name I had heard in reference to some elderly woman quite a while back. I knew it was an old name, and not very popular at all. I suggested it to Gerrad, and we quickly agreed. We had a boys name picked out super fast, and we ended up deciding on Addaline's name fairly fast as well. Although Addaline's name almost changed a few weeks before her birth... Everyone kept asking if we were going to call her Addie, and Gerrad and a few others even started to refer to her as Addie. I LOST it, and decided I wanted to change her name to Campbell. I love the name Addie, don't get me wrong, but I absolutely adored the name Addaline, and did NOT want it shortened. Plus I was 9 months pregnant, and super hormonal. I'm SUCH a baby name spaz, and already have names picked out if we ever decide to take the plunge again. And no, I'm not sharing them here. If you really want to know, just ask :) 

This just turned into the longest post ever... SO I'll answer the rest of them in another post later this week. I promise if you didn't see your name, I didn't leave you out. I'll get to you :) Thanks again ladies! It's always fun to share little pieces about yourself that people may not already know. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Little Q&A...

Who doesn't love a little question and answer session? I thought it would be fun to do a post where you all can ask me anything you want, and I'll answer your questions over the next few days in a blog post. So ask away, nothing is off limits! Family, motherhood, crafting, etc...Can't wait to see what you ladies come up with :)


Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Photos

A few weekends ago, we did the same thing we did last year... loaded up the kiddos, and our group of friends, and we all headed out to take each others family photos for Christmas cards. It was pretty entertaining, having 5 families all taking pics. I think I'm going to retake a few of ours, because I'm not really loving my hair/myself in the pics. Selfish? Maybe! We did get a few cute pics of the girls, and one family photo that I absolutely LOVE! 

 This is my absolute favorite photo of the girls! I need to print/frame it asap!

This is my favorite family photo out of all the ones we took.

 Side note: Gerrad always has something to say about people who take photos on railroad tracks (because he works for the railroad), and then low and behold, where do we take a family photo. HA!

It was fun to be with all of our friends taking photos, and seeing how much all the families have changed and grown over the last year. Can't wait to design our Christmas card, yes I'm already ready. I like to plan ahead :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

I blogged about this 2 years share our story, and to get it off my chest. So many women have been there, and sometimes it helps to just let it out. I think about it from time to time, and thank God daily for the 2 special blessings in my life. 


Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Swap Revealment

First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you wonderful ladies who participated in our fall swap. It wouldn't have been the success it was, if not for you all. There were only a few snags in this swap, and we definitely apologize for having to push the link up back a week.

I was paired up with the lovely, Aly, who happens to be one of the first real blogger friends I made. I just adore her, and her sassy personality. She sent the most amazing gifts, and was SO generous. She even sent some fun Halloween socks for the girls, which they adore. Thank you, Aly for all the great gifts. I LOVED them all :)

 Look at all these goods! The scarf, I've been dying for that scarf for a while, just haven't bought it for myself. Aly is a mind reader, beat that ;) And that zebra pumpkin yard stake, L.O.V.E. Seriously!

 This pumpkin, it now has a new home outside my front door! The Halloween socks for the girls are just adorable too! 

 This turkey candle holder is super cute too, it will be on our kitchen table asap.

The scarf... perfect mustard color. Yes, I'm obsessed! 

Thanks again Aly for all the amazing gifts, you're the best!