Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol Continued...

*UPDATE* A dear friend of mine just brought it to my attention that I forgot to blog about a KEY part of the show last night in relation to Adam, the BEST part of the show in fact, geeze! The funniest part last night on Idol was when Ryan asked Adam to pick which group he thought he belonged in, based on performance alone. He of course (since he thinks he is God's gift and all) picked the group that was obviously the top 2, and made his way over to stand with them... only to be pulled away by Ryan and added to the list of the BOTTOM 2. The look on his face was PRICELESS! The world just punched you in the face Adam and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Today I am in mourning... last night I was oh SOOOO close to being able to do a little victory jig in my family room in honor of Adam getting kicked off Idol. Oh the trickery of A.I., sometimes I loathe thee. So close but yet so far. I was sad to see Matt go home, he is a very talented singer and to me has a WAY better voice than Adam could ever dream of, I'm going to hold on to my hope that maybe next week it will be Adam's turn since he FINALLY made it to the bottom 2 this week, please say a little prayer if you stumble across this blog and read my immature rampage. I'll leave you with a little picture I concocted this morning, tee hee... Adam, you live to see another week, lucky for you apparently a lot of America is tone deaf (obviously). Please see my letter below about decreasing the amount of eye make-up you apply each week. My husband might be coming to stay with you in the A.I. mansion shortly if he keeps egging me on and acting like he is a new found friend of yours to tick me off. Until next week....

Now it's time for me to address the ANNOYING weather situation we are dealing with in the land of 'Oz'. I am thinking of writing a letter to the local meteorologist and asking him to do me a favor with the big man upstairs and fax him the letter of disdain that I have written him about all the stinkin' RAIN that we have been dealing with. For once I would like to go out into my back yard and not feel like I'm walking through the flood plains. I'd like to go out back and sit on my brand new patio furniture without my behind getting soaked and making my pants look like I wet myself. I would like to be able to leave my house without an umbrella. I would obviously NEVER survive living in Seattle as you can see. SO, here's to hoping for a nice weekend free of rain, oh wait I've already seen the weekend forecast and it calls for, say it with me kids "RAIN".

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Legs AND American Idol

Two posts in one day, whoa, I obviously have a lot to say. This post is going to be on the ligther side and I may or may not trash talk a little, please forgive me in advance...

First can I just tell you how much I love the invention of 'baby legs'?! They are the cutest thing EVER for babies and toddlers. I've been obsessed with them for my toddler lately and have gotten so many compliments on them. See for yourself...

On to the next order of business... American Idol! I think that I've decided every Wednesday from now on (after Wordless Wednesday of course) that I'm going to re-cap the show and give you my opinion of it (as if you really care), sounds good? KThanks!

This week was the 'Rat Pack' week. Most and yes I said MOST, of the contestants did really well and I was thoroughly impressed. They all sang fairly slow ballads and nailed them with their own interpretations on the songs... everyone that is, except for Adam. I'm going to apologize and warn you in advance that I am about to go into my rant about Adam. So if you're on the Adam bandwagon, I mean, if you're an Adam fan you might want to stop reading NOW...

We're going to refer to this as my own personal letter to the one and only Adam Lambert...

Adam, oh Adam, how my ears bleed every time you sing. Please stop acting like you are performing in your last musical ever and take the screeching yell that you do out of your singing dialogue (is that a real term? NO but just go with me people). Week after week I cannot wrap my brain around why you wear more make up than I've ever used in my lifetime, COMBINED?! I guess I missed the memo about the men wearing eye makeup trend was going to be the new fad, guess I'll have to hit up the MAC counter for my husband. I would like to ask one time that you please decipher between performing in theater/musicals to singing a single song on national television, seems like you've been hoovering the line here lately. I am honestly questioning why America is SO obsessed with you, am I deaf and don't know it? Why do they let you perform last on American Idol every week? Is it because they think you're the best? Because you're NOT! Deflate your head and continue on. Thank you,

Sincerely, the furthest thing from your biggest fan,


OK my ranting time is over, thank you for listening. Who will you vote for or who are you hoping will win? Someone please confirm that I am not the only one who is NOT on the Adam bandwagon?!

Here are my favorites in image order...

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Since becoming a mother I’ve known that my daughters are my life and it is a gift from God that I get to be their mom. The past month or so has kicked me in the gut; changed me in ways that I will forever be grateful. I’d like to think that I treasure every moment, but treasuring my 6 year olds name written with green permanent marker on a freshly purchased/washed comforter is still a little bit of a struggle for me. Then there’s that pesky feeling of a little thing I like to refer to as 'guilt'. There are mothers that will never stumble into the kitchen to find their 18 month old daughter elbow deep in a box of cereal right before dinner and after being caught red-handed give you the biggest cheesy grin you've ever seen. There are many moments when I feel that I am at my wits end when we've had a crazy day or my 6 year olds attitude is raging or my toddler is screaming uncontrollably because I took the cereal box away from her. Where is the line? The line that separates the gratitude that I have a daughter that marked up her brand new comforter with a GREEN sharpie and the raging guilt that I got upset with her when I KNOW there are MANY parents who would kill for that experience.

I will never be the perfect parent, no one but God is, attitudes will still test my patience on a bad day. However I am willing and able to take the time to read a story before bed every night to my children. I will chase the ice cream man down the street and let them gorge themselves (after dinner of course) on whatever they want from that musical, creepy van because you only live once. I will take them for walks when its 100 degrees out because they want to ride their scooter. I will play Old Maid just one more time even when its past bedtime because that means I get to hear 5 more minutes of a blond headed giggling girl who is anxiously awaiting you to draw the 'Old Maid' from her hand one last time. I will sit on the floor playing the "Where's Addaline?" game as she stands behind my back leaning her head over my shoulders because it amuses my toddler so much and brings out the biggest belly laugh you've ever heard.

More than all of that, I want my daughters to know that their spirituality, true friends and family are more valuable than anything else in this earthly life. I only hope that I can instill in them confidence, strength and compassion so when the time comes for them to take care of one of their friends or each other more than they've ever cared for themselves, they will be able to forget their needs to be at the side of whoever needs them. I want my children to know that they are loved and what a wonderful feeling it is to be loved by someone whose heart just wants to burst sometimes because of the pride and joy they bring me.

I remind myself everyday that yesterday is the past, today is called the present for a reason and tomorrow is a gift. I only hope that I will experience a million more tomorrow's with my beautiful family and treasure EVERY moment of every day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Stellan has finally been discharged from the hospital so hopefully next week MckMama will be back to her "Not Me Monday" tradition... One can hope right?!

Friday night my whole family and I did NOT adorn our purple garb and head over to Gage Park to walk for the March of Dimes. Since we did NOT walk for a great cause I can NOT tell you how much fun we did NOT have and how great it did NOT feel to be a part of such a worthy cause. During the walk I did NOT feel like I was about to receive a death threat after yelling at a totally irresponsible driver plowing through a crowd of people at 40mph and getting screamed at to get my A** off the road. As a side note-who drives through a park that fast during a WALK-A-THON? KTHANKS!

Saturday morning I did NOT drag my dad to the park with Addaline and I to ride the train and take some pictures of Addaline swinging and playing. We also did NOT get stuck on the mini-train at the park in the rain either; which would mean that we did NOT ride backwards on the train the entire way back into the station after we couldn't make it up a small hill.

Saturday afternoon I did NOT let my guilty conscience get the best of me and I did NOT do a good deed for my husband and clean up the back yard in his absence. I did NOT impose slave labor on my eldest child and make her carry bags of mulch over to the shed, that would be totally unacceptable of me wouldn't it?! That evening Gerrad and I did NOT have too much fun at our friends "Adult Only" birthday party while leaving our children at home with Grandma.

The rest of our weekend was NOT spent adoring our kids and playing outside with them while working in the yard/house; therefore I did NOT enter my kitchen from the garage and find my 19 month old daughter sitting at the pantry going to town on a box of cereal which did NOT in turn totally ruin her dinner.

So what have you NOT been doing this past week?! Don't be shy!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

March of Dimes March for Maddie

So tonight was the March of Dimes: March for Maddie. As you can see in my "Wordless Wednesday" post I carefully designed t-shirts for my family to wear to tonight's event and I MUST say that we all looked AWESOME! We showed up to the Topeka Zoo all in purple with our purple star balloons tied up everywhere as well and were ready to 'rock and roll'. I must say my heart was beaming with pride for partaking in this event in honor of Madeline Alice Spohr. It was amazing to see just how many people support the March of Dimes and were dressed to the 9's in their purple garb. I'm patiently awaiting as we speak for invitation approval into the "flicker" group to upload photos of the event for the Spohr family and I can't wait to add ours and to take a gander at everyone else's photos who have already participated in a walk. I may or may not have taken a TON of pictures at the event, here are a few for you to be the judge....

Gerrad and Macie outside the Zoo after the walk

Lindsey and I before the walk began all decked out in our Maddie T's

Addaline and I before the walk began, she obviously didn't get the memo about saying 'CHEESE'

The Hall family before the walk
This walk was truly an inspiring thing for me, it really opened my eyes to the dangers of prematurity and touched my heart more than I will EVER be able to describe. Thank you Heather for being an inspiration and being such a wonderful advocate for your baby girl!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- In Honor of March of Dimes

March of Dimes shirt that I designed and made in honor of Maddie Spohr for the
March of Dimes walk this Friday night 4/24/09

All 4 of our shirts, I think we'll look like one stylish family =)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orange for Stellan

So today in the "blogging" community anyone who reads MckMama's blog knew to wear orange for baby Stellan today... I own not ONE single piece of orange clothing, apparently I don't consider it one of 'my colors'. So... I sent Gerrad a text this morning that read "Um can you do me a favor and take a picture of yourself and send it to me? One of my favorite bloggers son is having heart surgery and today is wear orange day". With out ANY questions I receive a text back that is of him in his orange work sweatshirt, I simply reply "Honey your face isn't in it, and do you have any paper? Can you write 'Stellan' on a piece of paper and hold it while you're taking your picture?". He is probably rolling his eyes by now but simply did as I asked and sent me back this picture, what a sweet man I have been blessed with!!

I also submitted a picture of my beautiful 'Witches' from Halloween this year in their orange as neither of them own anything orange either, man I guess we are an "anti-orange" family, I need to get with the program!

If you have any sort of orange on today or any past pictures that you might have on your computer you could always go to 'paint shop' and say a little something about Stellan on your picture and submit it. Here is the link to the "Wear Orange for Stellan" gallery...


Not Me Monday (a day late)...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. MckMama's sweet baby Stellan is in surgery today so please say a little prayer for him if you think of it! Also I am well aware that I am a day late but its better to be late than never right?

Wednesday night I did NOT let Addaline eat her first ever popsicle in the bath tub because I was too lazy to let her make a mess and have to clean the kitchen, her AND her clothes so I stuck her in the tub, I would NEVER be that lazy and admit it, geeze!

Friday night I was NOT looking forward to a night alone as Macie was having a sleepover and Gerrad was going to play cards. The plans did NOT change and Gerrad did NOT end up working late and missing cards; we did get to go out to dinner though when he got off so I guess that was OK.

Saturday I did NOT do my Saturday usual and head to Starbucks to meet my dad and enjoy a nice morning chatting away. I then did NOT proceed to spend the rest of the day with one of my besties running errands and doing girly things while enjoying her precious baby boy!

Saturday night we did NOT go to my in-laws for dinner and eat yummy spaghetti, we did NOT then go outside for the rest of the evening and play with the girls and since we did NOT do that then I can't blog about how my youngest daughter fell and hit her head on the concrete leaving a "concrete imprint" on her poor forehead... nope that never happened!

Sunday I did NOT cry first thing in Church while listening to the story of this woman. Her story is NOT amazing and did NOT make a grown man weep while telling of her testament.

Gerrad and I have NOT been avoiding going to the grocery store like the PLAGUE lately and we did NOT finally break down and go Sunday and practically break the bank during the process, Walmart is truly EVIL!

So what have you NOT been doing this past week?


Friday, April 17, 2009

The Wreck, Mole Removal and Addaline

So THIS is how my day started off first thing Wednesday morning and just seemed to go on a downhill slide from there. I was sitting right where the stop sign in this picture is when this wreck took place in front of me and they actually ended up drifting into the front of my car as well. It was pretty scary to see that take place right in front of me and not really be able to do anything to help. It was a teenage drivers fault (the car on the right of this pic) he decided to turn left JUST as the other car was coming straight, it was almost like he either thought he could make it or didn't see her. Addaline was with me in the car and seemed pretty confused by what was happening with all the lights and sirens but she did just fine and a friend came and picked her up from me and took her to daycare since we were only about 2 miles away from the sitter's house... Thanks again Courtney! The Sheriff instructed me that I would need to replace Addaline's car seat (which I already knew) and I have been dealing with the teens insurance company ever since and have gotten NO WHERE which is really started to get on my last nerve. I'm praying for patience for myself but so far it's not working too well.

Later in the day Wednesday I had 3 "suspicious" moles removed and that actually went a lot better than I had anticipated. My Dr told me that she thought they all looked relatively normal and she only had slight suspicions about one of them but was pretty confident it was normal once she removed it and saw the skin underneath (sorry if this is TMI). I will not have any kind of results on them until next week but I have a sense of peace that everything is ok with them and there will be no traces of melanoma in ANY of them, say a little prayer for me if you think about it.

Moving onto Addaline... she has been having some crazy bouts of diarrhea lately (yes I AM about to blog about my daughters poo again). I had placed a call into the Dr's office earlier in the week and she told the nurse she wanted to talk to me more about it in person at my appointment Wednesday so I patiently waited to hear what she thought was going on. She gave me a few options of how to start the process of ruling things out that she thought it could be. She suggested doing blood work first to test for food allergies and celiac disease, then at the same time to provide the lab with a stool sample so they could check for any kind of bacterial infection. The food allergy would make the most sense because we already know she is allergic to peanut butter, she breaks out in hives all over her chin/cheeks if she eats it. The celiac thing does not please me in the least bit because then that means she will have to go on a special diet with all gluten free foods which is almost impossible as EVERYTHING has gluten in it. If we find out she has a food allergy it will be pinpointed what she is allergic to and then we will know to steer clear of that food, guess we'll find out next week as well. I'm really thinking it sucks that our Dr is out of town until next Wednesday as you all know I am NOT a patient person and hate waiting for answers.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The girls and I at the Bell's Wedding

Macie dancing at a wedding reception

My BFF Alicia and I

Gerrad and I at the Tampa Bay vs KC Chiefs game


Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Since baby Stellan has been in the hospital for a few weeks now obviously MckMama hasn't been doing these posts but she did mention doing "Mr Linky" today for everyone to post their "Not Me Monday's" so keep your eye out for those if you're interested.

Again this was another event filled weekend that flew by mostly without a hitch...

First thing Friday evening I did NOT arrive to meet Gerrad and the girls to find that he let them eat Easter candy for dinner. It was technically a "before dinner snack" but none the less I was NOT upset about it at all, nope not me!

Friday night Gerrad and I did NOT have a date night with just Macie and kept Addaline home with a sitter. And since we did NOT do that then I wouldn't have to post about how Addaline had a massive blow out diaper for the sitter which required an immediate bath and the sitter encountering a hand full of 'poo'. I would NOT blog about my daughter's diaper either, NEVER! And I would most certainly NOT snicker a little at the site of a 16 year old and her friend trying to tackle this little incident.

That night for dinner on our date with Macie we most certainly did NOT feed her more candy for dinner as we didn't have time to stop on the way to our destination, that would be terrible parenting and I would NEVER get mad at my husband for doing that and turn around myself and do it again.

On Saturday I most certainly did NOT borrow my dad's fancy schmancy (yes that's a word) camera to try to capture some awesome pictures of my daughters NOT hunting Easter eggs, I would NEVER want to get pictures of them because they are just NOT super cute!

Saturday evening I did NOT take my mom up on her offer to babysit the girls and we did NOT once again have a date night with just Gerrad and I. We would NEVER leave the girls (well one of them) two nights in a row, that would be horribly selfish of us to want to spend a little one on one time together. Since we did NOT do that then I could NOT report that the new 'Fast and the Furious' was a fabulous movie because I wouldn't know since we did NOT see it =)

I did NOT love the sermon at Church for Easter yesterday morning and did NOT get a little emotional thinking about how amazing our Savior is for dying for us!

We did NOT stop a get a huge bucket of chicken from KFC yesterday instead of cooking a nice Easter lunch for my parents, that would be terribly lazy of us!

What have you NOT been doing this past week?


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Emotions can sometimes be a crazy thing; sometimes good and sometimes not so good. I love reading other peoples blogs and have actually become quite addicted to it, gives me something to do in my free time or when I'm procrastinating at work (WHOOPS). Sometimes it seems there is so much sadness to be discovered and stumbled upon and sometimes I find the cutest happiest blogs and am thrilled to read good news...

I was SO touched by little Maddie's story and felt deeply saddened by her passing, I was having a really hard time imagining what her parents are going through. I spent a few days after that honestly just crying and being ridiculously emotional and at the same time being thankful for my healthy kids. Wednesday night I picked up both the girls from daycare and just held them while the tears flowed, I just wanted to squeeze and hold them FOREVER in that very moment. Something about children dying just really opens your eyes when you have children of your own because you can't help but think "That could of easily been my child" or you wonder "Why God? Why that precious little boy/girl?". Sweet little Maddie and my Addaline were only ONE month apart, that really frightened me and made me grieve SO much for her family; my heart just broke into a million pieces thinking of the things that Maddie's parents are going through right now. Sometimes I can't help but feel overwhelmed with guilt when I think about how lucky I am to have 2 healthy, lively, vibrant children and wonder why some people suffer so much heart break with trying to get pregnant to even losing children?!

I am so thankful and so blessed with the life I have and I'm starting to become more and more aware of it day by day that life isn't guaranteed and sometimes you need to take a moment and just slow down and appreciate the small things. Appreciate that you have food on the table even if it's not much; appreciate the fact that you have a roof over your head even if it isn't the home you've always dreamed of (in my case it actually is-another reason I'm thankful); appreciate the job you have even if it isn't your dream job because that is what makes the food you eat and the place you live possible. I know this sounds cheesy and cliche but take the time to tell the people you care about most that you love them and are truly grateful for them because you never know when that will be your last moment with them!

WOW how depressing, can you tell my mind is heavy and my emotions are all over the place?! It's a strange feeling to grieve for people you've never met... it's crazy how you can just feel yourself in that exact situation at that exact moment and feel empathize with what they are going through.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and I'll be taking tons of pictures and probably blog about it so stay tuned... On a happier note, here's a few pictures of the girls hunting eggs today...


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PLEASE Squeeze Your Kids a Little Tighter Today!!

***Update*** If you wish to do a post in remembrance of Maddie or just to read a TON of other posts dedicated to her go here and read Meghan's tribute to Maddie and all the other people that linked their blogs as well.

So a few days ago I stumbled across this wonderful blog The Spohrs Are Multiplying (their site is currently down from too many hits) and was immediately captivated with this precious little girls smile and her mother's AMAZING talent for writing and was hooked right away. Little Maddie was born prematurely and wasn't expected to make it but defied all odds and quickly impressed everyone with her infectious grin!

Maddie was in the hospital for the past few days with some breathing issues and they were possibly thinking she had RSV again; I logged into my twitter account this morning to find that sweet Maddie had passed away yesterday evening. How SO terribly sad for a precious little 17 month old girl to so suddenly be gone. I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around the feeling of what it must be like to lose a child and I hope to God I never have to. If you learn anything from this sweet girl I hope it's that you just take a moment every day to hold your kids a little tighter and tell them you love them!

If you feel compelled to do so please click here to donate to March of Dimes in honor of Maddie Spohr.

I will definitely be going home tonight and loving on my girls for a little while and thanking God that I am so blessed!!


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So my darling friend Summer so fabulously nominated me for my first award which I'm pretty pumped about since I've only been blogging for a few weeks... YAY for me, I mean thanks Summer for the fab award!
So the objective of this award is to list 7 random facts about yourself (I'll be as brutally honest as I can) and then pass it on to 7 of your favorite bloggers as well. Let the honesty begin...

1) I sometimes seriously think I have a slight case of OCD, everything in my house HAS to be in its designated area at all times (if you don't believe me ask my dear husband)

2) Just recently over the last few years I've finally let go of my complex of actually caring what people think about me way too much, and man oh man is it a freeing experience to let that one go

3) I secretly prayed every night leading up to the sonogram with our 2nd child that she would be another girl, although I would have loved a boy just the same I truly longed for another girl

4) I am a tight wad, I think I'm the only female alive that doesn't like to shop because I hate spending money (unless it's for my kids or the house)... if it's not on sale I will not purchase it

5) My husband is an "instant gratification" kind of guy and definitely considers me his buzz kill as I am the rational thinker

6) I worry entirely too much about things I have NO control over, really it's a very bad habit of mine

7) I am beyond OBSESSED with 'Brownie Sundae Cheesecake' from the Cheesecake Factory, seriously I have contemplated stabbing my husband in the hand with a fork for taking a bite without my permission (did I REALLY just admit that?)

OK time for the other part.... the 7 blogs I'd like to award are... drum roll please...

Jess @ The Macs

No go check out these amazing women's blogs (and one man) and give your own awards out to your favorite bloggers!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So here we are, my second week doing the "Not Me Monday's" and I'm almost positive this weekend was not near as entertaining as the last but I'll give it a whirl...

This weekend was definitely a crazy one in the Hall household as usual. The Spring time seems to bring madness into our world which is OK with me, it means we're being productive. We most certainly did NOT eat out 2 out of the 3 nights this weekend, we would NEVER spend that much money on eating out.

I did NOT slave over cleaning the house all day Saturday in preparation for some friends to join us at our home for dinner; I am most certainly NOT a neat freak and would NEVER care if my house is clean or not. Those of you that really know me are totally nodding your heads right now and are NOT surprised one bit!

I did NOT nearly rip my husbands head off when he calmly asked me Saturday "Why are you so worn out, you didn't do anything all day but make potato salad right?" He MUST have had a death wish that day ha ha! =)

After Church Sunday we didn't NOT all go home and get in our pj's and spend the rest of the day lounging on the couch, we would never be that lazy and unproductive.

And the last one is a doozy... Last night while taking her first bite of dinner Addaline most definitely did NOT choke on a bite and projectile vomit all over the kitchen and herself. She would NEVER want to make mommy and daddy about lose their dinners as well while trying to get her and the mess cleaned up, YIKES!

So what have you NOT been doing this past week/weekend? Go ahead and give it a shot, it's easy and pretty entertaining!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The Kitchen and the Eye Doctor (take 2)

So I've had a few of you ask me where the pictures are of the kitchen so I decided what the heck, I'll just blog about it and post some pics, then you can see for yourself how it turned out. Deal?

I ended up painting it a peapod green I believe is the name of the color. I am VERY pleased with how the kitchen turned out and hope soon to get the counter tops redone so it look exactly how I envisioned. That's another thing on the unsolicited "to-do" list for the hubby- shhhh don't tell him!

Moving on the the eye doctor portion (take 2)...

Macie had her follow up with a pediatric optometrist today and all is well thankfully. The problems that she is having will be resolved over time with treatment so I'm SUPER happy about that! The doctor changed her eye glass prescription quite a bit in hopes of getting her left eye to start kicking in and taking over some of the work that the right eye has been doing for so long by itself. She'll go back in 8 weeks and see how everything we will be doing is working out. Thanks for every one's concern =)

I'm also going to include a picture or two of Addaline's first set of piggy tails that our AWESOME daycare provider did for us just because I think she looks SO darn cute with them in, thanks again Laura! One last picture of Addaline will be included with her wearing a dress over jeans, the idea was taken from one of my favorite bloggers and widowed father Matt. Head on over to his blog and give it a gander, you'll fall in love with his SUPER cute daughter Madeline right away!