Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some More Fun Crafts

**Update** I added one more shirt. I'm going to be adding these to my blog store, so if you're interested in ordering anything let me know and I'll get you the address. I'm going to be having that blog made over as well, so stay tuned!!

Initial M shirt for Macie. I think the colors blend a little too much so if I do another one of these shirts I will use a solid color for the initial

Lately I've been trying a few new things in the crafting area. These shirts are my newest, and probably most fun, creations. I'm going to go around our town in a few weeks and take some samples with me, along with my portfolio, business cards, and fliers to local boutiques to see about selling a few of my items. I'm a little nervous but super excited!!

Initial shirt I made for Addaline

Valentine's Day shirt for Addaline

Valentine's Day shirt for Macie

I got a request today to make a few boys shirts. Here is my first trial shirt for a little boy. I LOVE these tie shirts, SO cute!

Another initial shirt for our friends daughter, Makenna

A Few Makeovers

Most of you who truly know me in real life, know I like to change decor in the house like I change my clothes (not nearly that much, but close). I'm thinking of changing our bedding in the master bedroom. I do NOT want to paint the room, but I want something totally different and outside of my usual design taste. I'm not usually a 'red' person but I LOVE this bedding I found on Target's website. It had some tan and brown in it, which are the colors of our bedroom now.

HERE is our room before, with teal and brown, tan and cream colors. I would add some wall decor to match as well, and we've swapped TVs out recently so we have a flat screen on my dresser, which we're thinking of mounting on the wall, to get it off the dresser. So what do you think about the red? Is it too much? Too childish? Do tell!!

I so badly want our room to be a retreat for us. A place we can go to reconnect and relax, to enjoy where we are and just chill. There are so many hodge podge things that I dumped into our room after I changed our formal living room to the daycare. I'm desperate to get some organization and a universal theme.
The throw pillows for the bed.
Now on to Macie's room. We've gotten her bunk beds since these pictures were taken so I have to take that into account as well. I can't decide if I want to stick with the pink/brown theme of her room or change it up. This bedding is kind of fun, and funky, but maybe a bit much. I've asked Macie what she wants to do with her room, but she is SO carefree and easy going, so she has no idea. I might just have to snatch her up, and have a little date at Target and let her pick out what she wants. I'm kind of hoping she goes with something polka dot so I don't have to change the walls too much.

If she goes with something like this, I'd probably want to paint the walls a solid color and cover up the polka dots, or maybe just leave a few and change the brown, to teal. I'd have to cover up the brown accent wall obviously as well.

The have some bedding SIMILAR to this at Target, but its more of a hot pink which I love, with white polka dots as well. My hope is that she will like that bedding set, then I will cover up the brown polka dots with teal and possibly green, change the accent wall behind her bed, and spice up the bedding with some super cute/colorful throw pillows.

So what do you all think? I love changing rooms around and spicing things up a bit. I don't like looking at the same designs for too long, a few years and I need a change. Are any of you like that? Please tell me I'm not the only one ;)

Speaking of makeovers, I'm also getting a blog makeover by an awesome blog designer, Jamie. Check her out if you're in the market for a new blog design!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girls Shopping Trip

I just love shopping with my girlfriends as much as the next gal, but I rarely get out and shop with no purpose, or take a day to shop just for myself. I'm one of those mom's whose children are decked out in the cutest, most fashionable clothes, while I'm rocking the same shirts for years. I'll pick things up for myself when they're on clearance, or just grab something real quick when I'm out shopping. I never spend an entire day however, devoted to shopping for me, and me only! So yesterday some girlfriends and I decided we were going to take a trip to Kansas City to have a shopping day, and I couldn't be more excited. Saturday February 6th, Jenna, Lindsey, Melisa and myself are all going to load up in the morning and head out, to see what bargains and cute clothing items (shoes too of course) we can snag!

We could probably pretty easily make a trip to our local mall here, but Kansas City has some shops that we don't have here. And who doesn't need a short road trip with girlfriends occasionally?!

We're going to hit up a boutique that Ashley is always raving about and I'm SOOOO excited! Francesca's has some ADORABLE dresses and tops, I can't wait to shop there.

Forever 21 always has cute/cheap bargains, which are my 2 favorite things when shopping!!
Charlotte Russe always has cute/cheap things as well, and that's where I always get my jeans so hopefully their jeans are on sale like they usually are. Who doesn't love cute jeans that fit really well for $20?!
No shopping trip is complete without a trip to Target. I'm sure we'll hit up the Target in KC on our way out of town.
Can you tell I am beyond excited to have an entire day to myself to shop for myself. I'm SURE I'll pick up a few things for the girls, but this shopping trip is all about getting this momma hip and cute for Spring/Summer! Out with the jeans and frumpy tops, in with the cute dresses and stylish boots (sandals when its warm of course).

The girls will have a daddy/daughter day so I'm sure they'll have some fun adventure as well. Maybe Macie will talk Gerrad into Chuck-E-Cheese or something. I hope the rest of this week and next week fly by!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bachelor Recap

Last night we had our usual girls night, minus Melisa. We ordered some yummy Thai food and had a great time chatting and watching all of Jake's crazy antics this week! Another 1 4 bites the dust! Last nights episode seemed somewhat like a train wreck, but of course I had to keep watching to form my opinion, and to get my info for this lovely recap.

''They may all be head over heels for Jake — but he's over most of them!'' That was the blaring announcement in the promos for this weeks episode, and this time, it wasn't false advertising. If Jake keeps sending this many extra women home, this 'journey' could be wrapped up by next week. Fortunately for everyone involved, our hero — bless his heart — is determined to choose a wife from among the ever-dwindling group of potential mates.

Jake and Gia's one on one date was a bit obnoxious with Gia's annoying 'giggle' and girly attire when they are clearly CAMPING. Who wears stiletto heels to camp in? Really?! They discuss all their childhood rejections and end up in an adult game of spin the bottle, which was tacky enough in itself! I still find Gia pretty annoying, and hope she doesn't make it to the end. Enough said!

Moving on to someone I actually like... Ali. She went on the group date last night, and I just love her and Jake together when they get their alone time. They seem SO far ahead of everyone else when it comes to conversation and just being together. I'm really pulling for her and hoping she makes it all the way. She's getting a little catty towards Vienna, but lets keep it real here, I would be too!

I'm still loving Tenley as well. She's just so sweet and kind hearted. She actually cried when he sent Ella and Kathryn home because she didn't get to say goodbye, what a sweet heart! I'm not sure yet if I think she'll be one of the final two, but its looking that way when it comes to overall chemistry. Plus, she's stinkin' adorable!
Vienna (Sausage) as we like to call her on our girls nights (yes we're pretty mature). Do I need to say anymore than that? Her snide remarks all night were getting really old, and I am saying this one time, and one time only. If she makes it all the way, I'm NEVER watching the show again (probably). She said something along the lines of "Go ahead and have your 30 minutes with him, I'll have him the rest of my life"... Really? YOU WISH! She also claimed the girls in the house don't like her because she 'jokes around too much.' Or did she mean to say 'talks crap too much?' The stunt she pulled on the group date about wanting to spend the last one on one time with Jake so she could kiss him last and he could think about her all night. I think I just threw up in my mouth! I'm praying for a miracle that he sends her home next week! PLEASE!

I have to give props to Katie, that she called Jake sending Ella AND Kathryn BOTH home last night. Katie knows her stuff, from seeing the previews and knowing he tossed a rose in the fire wearing the outfit he had on their two on one date, you go girl! I was kind of shocked he sent both of them home. I LOVED Kathryn, even though they didn't get a lot of one on one time together, I thought she was so sweet and adorable. Ella was a genuinely nice gal as well, but wasn't progressing with Jake as much as the rest of the girls (from what he said).

This weeks episode stressed me out, phew!!

Okay ladies, when you've worked through your anger/shock/surprise, let me know what you think of last nights rose ceremony implosion. Is Jake doing the right thing by withholding roses, or is he going to regret his haste later? What does he see in Vienna? And how long can Gia survive in this battle of the blondes?

Head on over to Lindsey's Blog and check out her Bachelor recap as well!

Monday, January 25, 2010

SO Beautiful!!!

Don't forget to turn off the play at the bottom of my blog to listen to this!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Milestone, An Addition and A Hoarder

I haven't posted for a few day so I'm playing catch-up! This week has been a big one in the Hall house.... My 'baby', who isn't really a baby any more, graduated to big girl panties. We got a sweet new dog, and I spent nearly an entire morning cleaning our closet. The last part is super exciting people, totally kidding!

Miss Addaline in her 'big girl' panties

Our newest addition, this is Nina. She is SOOO adorable and such a good dog. We got her from a gal in Lawrence who had quite a few boxer's and was needing to part with this sweet girl. She is a year and a half, fully house trained, great with kids, what more could you ask for? Addaline is still adjusting, she is PETRIFIED of animals so she isn't too keen on this idea, but our thought is this will hopefully help her get over her animal fear, with time.

Another project I tackled this week was our closet, OY!! It took me a few hours to accomplish that task, it had gotten way out of control with clothes and shoes piling up. These pictures are ridiculous, I felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders, no lie!

I've been slowly taking things out of my closet that either A) don't fit any more or B) I don't wear any more. That pile is what's up against the wall in the back of the closet

Here is the progress I made. I got all my shoes put at the back, got the boxes out of the closet that have (shamefully) been in there since we moved here 2 years ago. Went through all my shoes and got rid of the one's I no longer wear to donate to the Rescue Mission.

I put my ribbon holder under my clothing on the floor, out of the way and out of sight.

THIS is the aftermath, AHHH! The 2 boxes stacked up and 3 bags near by are what we are donating to the Rescue Mission. The box and bag on the left of the picture is all trash that came out of closet and one of the hall closets as well. I felt SO much better after I did that. I'm SO type A personality and like everything to have its own special place. I'm not quite sure how I let our closet get so out of control. I lead an exciting life of blogging out cleaning out closets, I know :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We've got a pretty low key weekend planned. We're taking my dad to dinner tonight for his birthday to one of his favorite places, HuHot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad, I love you!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

These pictures are from this weekend when we went out for one of my bestie's husband's surprise 30th birthday. It was so much fun to just get out for a while and chat with great friends!

Gerrad and I

Me, Jenna and Katie

Kela, Katie, Jenna and Myself

Me and Kela, whom I consider lucky enough to call her one of my best girl friends. It was her hubby's 30th birthday and we had a blast celebrating with them!!! Thanks for including us in your special night friend :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

'The Bachelor' Recap

This week we went to Lindsey's house to watch 'The Bachelor', and as always it was a blast. Lindsey, Katie, Melisa and I just LOVE Monday nights now! This weeks episode was nothing shy of a train wreck, Holy DRAMA Batman!

Let's start with my favorites as usual. I'm still loving Ali, although last night she got a little catty which kind of surprised me. I still really like her, I just hope she keeps it classy from here on out. She seemed to be on a mission to get Vienna off the show, which I'm all about since I clearly can't stand her, but I'm hoping she tones it down a bit.
I'm also still loving Kathryn, she is such a sweetie. She seemed to stand out a little more to me last night, but I still think she needs to step it up quite a bit if she wants Jake to continue noticing her.
L.O.V.E.D Jake and Ella's date and how he brought her son Ethan on the show, that melted my heart. I thought they all looked like such a cute little family. She still isn't my top favorite, but I really like her. I'm glad she got to see her son and Jake interact in case she IS the one, she's knows there is a connection there with the two of them.
Tenley... I must say after watching the previews for this weeks episode, I was on PINS AND NEEDLES waiting for her to announce that she was pregnant. Once again ABC tricked us to get us all to tune in, I would have tuned in anyway, but that was a tricky move. I found this article about how she pranked him about being pregnant when she was telling him about her divorce, but they deleted the scene. Tricky tricky! I still really like her and hope she sticks around for a while!
Elizabeth was kind of getting on my nerves last night. I had really liked her up until last nights episode when she and Jake were talking before the rose ceremony. I think she was really getting on his nerves with the no kissing thing. Especially when she got on the stage for the comedy act and cussed like a sailor saying all kinds of raunchy things, but yet she wouldn't kiss him. Seemed to me like he had enough, and I can't blame him!
Now onto the dislikes....
Michelle, oh Michelle. Thank you for sealing your own fate and going crazy on Jake again this week. Thankfully he had enough for your 10 personalities and ditched you with a quickness! I love how she threatened to pack her things and that she was ready to go, but if he wanted her to stay she would. She has cried wolf so many times, he finally got annoyed and gave her the boot. Don't even get me started about when she asked him for a kiss... his facial expression said it all! He looked like he would have rather jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge right then and there. One of the girls said it best when they said "Michelle doesn't need a husband, she needs a THERAPIST" AMEN!! So long 'Stage 5 Clinger!' Thanks for the few weeks of entertainment!
Vienna. I'm still not a fan of her, and I'm more than ready for her to go. I know she and Jake hit it off last night, but I'm still not sold on her. I wish they would show her reacting more with all the other girls since they seem to dislike her so much, but they aren't showing us that drama yet. I'm not 100% sure why I dislike her so much, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way!

Did you watch it this week? If so what did you think? I can't wait for next weeks episode. Its SO much fun getting together with the girls weekly and just laughing and acting ridiculous!
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