Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Our Thanksgiving break was pretty low key. I relished every minute I got to spend with the girls over our 5 day break together. The girls enjoyed a sleepover with one of the grandma's one night, and another night their other grandma came and stayed at our house. They definitely got spoiled over those few days. I love that they have such great relationships with their grandparents, makes my momma heart happy since I was never lucky enough to have that!

This is our first major holiday without my sweet father in law. It was super hard on Gerrad, broke my heart to see him hurting. My fil's sweet smile and outgoing personality were definitely missed, it's just not the same without him.

Thanksgiving day we just lounged, cooked a bit, painted nails, browsed the Black Friday ads, and enjoyed being together as a family. With Gerrad traveling so much for work lately it seems like we've been non-stop all the time. This momma needed a little break!

Snuggles and nail painting were the highlight of this girls Thanksgiving, oh and pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream!

I finally got Macie to put down the 'ol ipod and take a pic with me. Love my sassy girl! 

Saturday evening was our annual Christmas parade downtown, with a 5k beforehand that benefits our Rescue Mission. My gf Ashley and I decided we wanted to run it, and support a great cause, and my brother in law Dion decided he wanted to join also! It was my worst 5k out of the 3 I've done in the past 2 months, but at least we finished. Running in cold weather is not something I think I'll grow to enjoy. Coughing up a lung afterwards and my ribs hurting the next day was no bueno. Our 33 minute time wasn't the greatest either, whoops! (Dion ran it in 28-29)

Ashley and I had some sweet, tacky turtlenecks- penguins with scarves and snowflakes. YIKES! 

Hope you all had a low-key Holiday spent with family and/or friends. I'm looking forward to the next holiday event we're having: our annual tacky sweater party. Look for the hideous photos to come next week!! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Because I'm a Slacker

I realized I never posted any of our family photos we had taken last month. Maybe because I've been avoiding blogging again, whoopsie! Thanks Darci for the kick in the butt today reminding me to blog :)

 I think these two are my favorites!

I love how this one depicts their little personalities so well.  

This is typical for Macie and I lately, Lord help us. The preteens/hormones are no joke! 


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

After a weekend spent with a few of my favorite bloggers, I've been inspired to get back on the wagon. I've felt like I lost my blogging mojo for a long time. I'm going to try to get it back, again!

Friday night my favorite women and I had a girls night in, pj's required! Ashley hosted a Favorite Things party, and we all got to go crash her place, enjoy a delicious dinner (prepared by moi), drink wine and open presents. What more could a gal ask for?!

Saturday morning I loaded up super early with Lindsey (aka Nancy in the blog world), and hit the road for Tulsa, OK to meet some of my favorite ladies that I've been bloggy friends with for the past few years. The ONLY pleasant thing about 5am on a Saturday was my venti PSL, I thought about kissing it for the photo. Just keeping it real!  

Holly and Aly ventured to Tulsa to listen to Mama Laughlin speak, and watch her run her 2nd half marathon the next day in the Route 66 Marathon. I had only briefly skimmed Mama L's blog, but decided what the heck, a chance to meet Holly, Aly and Darci (who I had only stalked on instagram but was still pumped to meet), I was in! 

Here we are with Brandi (Mama Laughlin) after she spoke at the expo about her weight loss journey and her training for running her half marathon. She's a pretty inspiring gal! Look her up!

I FINALLY got to meet Aly, and give her a big 'ol squeeze. She's just as cute in real life as she is on her blog. Love this girl times a thousand! 

Don't even get me started on Turkey hat guy, hey old man perv! Gag! 

Me, Darci, Lindsey and Holly before our night on the town, which turned out to be 6 hours spent in the same restaurant because we were having such a blast. 

These ladies are hilarious, and kept me laughing all night. So fun to be goofy and enjoy a night out. 

Darci and I practicing our pageant face!

We also learned I cannot take good selfies/OOTN (outfit of the night) photos. Hello goofy face. I could never be a fashion blogger with the 'look away' face. Sheesh!

Thanks so much ladies for an amazing weekend. Can't wait to get together again with Darci, Lindsey and hopefully Holly. We'll have to drag Aly down for a weekend sometime soon. Check out their recaps from Tulsa, they're sure to be entertaining! 

I'll start blogging more about my fitness journey as well. I've run a few 5k's lately, and have another one this weekend. Darci is trying to talk me into running a 10k with her and Holly in Kansas City in January, we shall see. I'm not sure I can keep up, but let the training madness being (maybe ;)). 

Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving spent with family. I'll be enjoying wearing my fat pants with the rest of my family. Thank you Addaline for deciding our attire for turkey day should be pj's... that's my kinda get together!