Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh Heyyyyyyy!!

First I have to give a shout out to Aly for getting me back in the blogging mood. Sometimes ya just get in a funk and can't come up with worthwhile topics. Let's hope I can keep this thing up this go 'round!

So here's what we've been up to in the past 6 months- bullet style...

*We lost my father in law in March, I think everyone is still adjusting to life without his sweet smile.

*Gerrad and I celebrated surviving 7 years of marital bliss.

*We've played a lot of golf, and put the girls in lessons. Keep your fingers crossed they stick with the sport and get some scholarships when the time comes ;)

*Addaline had her first dance recital, it was the cutest thing ever, and I 'probably' cried.

*G and I went to a Royals game and actually saw them win- holla!
*We went to the pool entirely too much, and laid out like total divas.

*I celebrated a great couple getting married with some of my favorite ladies!

*I organized and ran a fireworks stand for our churches missions trip fundraiser, and barely survived it. Setting up and taking down that business when it's 110* is NO JOKE!

*We went to the pool some more.

*Oh and then we went to the lake quite a bit also. Life has been super rough for us this summer, don't ya think?!
*Yep that's me in a bikini- never thought I'd see that day again. I've been working out like a mad woman, and have dropped almost 30 lbs and G's lost 40+lbs. Look for a post all about my weight loss journey next week (for those that are interested).

*Someone got a new tat!

*I finally got my 10 year old to pose for a photo with her momma!

*My oldest 'baby' started the 5th grade, say WHA?!

*And then celebrated turning 10 at the end of that very same week school started. I think she was trying to kill her mothers tear ducts!

*Someone else had a birthday-  good 'ol 29. Look out world, I plan to fully enjoy my last year in my 20's.
*Someone got Chiefs season tickets for Fathers Day/his birthday/and every other holiday for the next year. I must say, I'm looking forward to a little tailgating action next month! 

*Gerrad has been working a crazy schedule the past 6 months, so that's why he's never pictured. Feels like he's always at work, but we're super grateful he's such a hard worker!

So there's our life in the past 6 months. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all!