Friday, May 29, 2009

Sail Fly Away

So I just thought I'd give you a little eye candy today and let you know that I will be laying on this gorgeous beach for the next 5 days (we leave this weekend). We'll be flying to the beautiful Jamaica and enjoying 5 nights, 6 days of rest and relaxation. Try not to be jealous, I'll do a big long post with LOTS of pictures when we get home. After I love on my girls for a few days first of course! We are going kid free on this vacation with 4 other couples and let me just say that I am SO excited but at the same time SO sad that we're leaving the girls. They will be just fine and will have a blast with their grandparents, I can't help but worry just a little bit and wonder if they'll miss us as much as we'll miss them?! As I type this post I'm totally singing in my head to Bob Marley's 'Jammin'... whooo hooo!!

We're staying at an all inclusive resort in Ocho Rios and are planning on doing lots of fun excursions and just enjoying spending time with some friends and each other. My hubby is the greatest and I love getting some 'us' time like this when we go on vacation.

So I've been trying to get to Hobby Lobby for a week or so now to get the supplies to make some flower hair clips for me and the girls. Everything was on sale that I needed to make them last night when I went and all the material to make 2 hair clips only cost me $6.50, SCORE! I was definitely inspired by a fellow bloggers creativity so I wanted to give it a shot myself since I love fun hair clips for Addaline and after trying one myself I was convinced I need to give it a try. I think they turned out pretty good. The 2ND flower shown is a coral color and the beads are silver and yellow, I don't think I LOVE the yellow so I might try to remove them. I'm thinking about starting up a store on Etsy to sell these, what do you think?

The quality of the pictures is poor because I took them with my cell phone

Next is a hair-do MckMama style. She is always doing super fun pony tails with her only daughters hair and I always think they're so cute so again I thought to myself, Why Not?! What do you think? I think the 3 pony tail thing is really working for Miss Addaline! Please pardon the fact that she has a binky in her mouth, she is off them completely but found one hiding under her changing table before I snapped this picture, guess what's going in the trash later tonight?

Well I hope you all have a FABULOUS upcoming week. I'll be laying on the beach tanning my cares away, with sunblock on of course, this girl is no fool!

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Lindsey said...

They are so cute! I can't wait to see them in 'action' :) And Miss A's hair is A-DOR-ABLE! Love it, love her!

I'm sad you're leaving...I'm not sure what I'm going to do without you! ;) Have so much fun and make sure you call me for a play date ASAP when you get home!

Caroline said...

Looks like fun. Who are the other couples? Do I know any of them?
I like the flowers, you should get an etsy store.
Love the three piggys too.