Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BabyLegs Giveaway

So I wanted to pass along this fantastic little giveaway of the fun product all of us mom's with young kids love... BabyLegs. I'm obsessed with them and have bought 4 pairs for Addaline over the last few months. Remember this picture?

Want to enter to win a pair of these for your little cutie? It's simple... click here. You can enter to win MANY times just by following the simple instructions. These are my favorite pair and the ones that I entered to win...
Good Luck!!

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Jenna said...

I've decided that when I have kids, Im going to send them to you to be styled!

mommylicious said...

Thanks for the so sweet comment!!! I love baby legs (wish I had a baby to put them in, or maybe not!) Mine are all too big. Your blog is really cute and so are your girls!!!