Friday, June 19, 2009

Calling all Followers Bloggers for Cake Advice

So I need some advice from all my IRL (in real life) and blogger friends... I want to make either cupcakes or a cake of some sort for our Annual 3rd of July party but am kind of stuck as to what I want to make. How many of you have worked with fondant before? Is it very difficult? I'm a newbie at the whole baking thing but I am creative so I think I can do any of these as long as I have the picture in front of me.

These are pretty basic and I could make them super fast I'm certain

These are cute because of the fruit design but not my favorite

I like the 'firework' on this cupcake

I LOVE the fondant on these, looks SO cool

I would probably smooth this, not star tip (I like the look better)

This the the king of the choices for sure... it would take a bit more work but part of me wants to give it a shot to see if I can do it. What do you all think? Which do you like best and would want to make?


Lindsey said...

I think cupcakes would be SOOO much easier for everyone to eat and they look cute! Then you don't have a beat up cake by the end of then can still have cute little cakes :)

Jessica said...

Fondant is not that hard in my opinion ~ go to the Cake & Candy Supply at Fairlawn and grab a starter kit! They also have them at Micheals. Practice with the cupcakes ~ those look super easy! I'm the same way ~ if I have a picture to look at... all is good! The only thing I have not done is mix color with the white fondant ~ I would just buy it premixed/premade. I bought the premade white fondant for Ashley's 3 tier cake - simple!

Jenna said...

I know some girls that have been pretty successful at just smoothing out normal frosting w/o having to use fondant(sp) and it looks really good. I know you could do that easily!

Caroline said...

They pictures all look really cute. Just don't forget that if you plan on being outside the icing might not hold up as well.
Something you can do with the cupcake batter if separate it into three bowl, add food coloring to one bowl to make red, than another to make blue. When you put them in the cups layer them to have the red white and blue effect.

Let us know how your dessert turns out!

Anonymous said...

Fondant is not my fav. yes, you can make it look smoother. It is not my taste fav! Plus you really have to work at it to get it smooth..It bunches up at the bottom
If you are going todo the 2 tier..make sure you have your supports under the bottom straws. Also, you are going to need a seperater. You can get cake cardborad at at baking store. The fireworks look the best for a starter.
Another idea is to get white icing. Paint your piping bag red, white, blue...keep going until you are all around the bag...fill the bag with white icing...pipe away. You will get a tye-dye effect. Supper easy and fast!!!! If you want more detials let me know! Good luck.can't wait to see photos of you choice!