Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sucky Lady Parts...

So I'm going to give you a little introduction into the not-normal world of my lady parts... strange blog topic I'm aware.

I was told back in February that I had an ovarian cyst which all you women know is not an uncommon thing, it's not a big deal unless it causes a LOT of pain or bleeding so I was fine with it. Never thought anything else about it and went about my daily business. Last week one night after work I started to get this EXCRUCIATING pain down lower kind of like cramping but a thousand times worse. I laid on my stomach on the floor and hoped it would pass with some deep breathing and relaxing-no such luck. I almost passed out from the deep breathing and the pain. I decided I probably better get that checked out so I went to a local urgent care place to see a Dr. He couldn't pin point anything that would be causing the pain, ruled out my appendix and pretty much anything else he could think of. He poked around on my stomach and uterus area for a while and after me about jumping off the table from one area he pushed on he came to the conclusion that he wanted me to have a pelvic ultrasound done.

I went Tuesday morning of last week and had the ultrasound done. The sonographer was nice enough to tell me that she didn't see any cysts so that wasn't what was causing my pain but left it at that. She made lots of random faces and asked me if I'd had any hormone or pregnancy testing done. Pregnancy testing? WHAT? I have an IUD and am NOT planning on having any more kids so I about passed out on the table. I quickly said 'SHOULD I have had a pregnancy test done? Do you see something I need to know?' She very abruptly explained it was just a question and thought about the possibility of a tubal pregnancy or possibly endometriosis (hormone testing detects that apparently). She explained that endometriosis cannot be detected by ultrasound and left it at that. Without saying much more she finished up and let me go on my way. She didn't mention the findings of anything else so I thought all was well.

Wednesday I started to get a little worried that no one was calling me by the afternoon so I called to check in with my primary Dr's office AND with the urgent care Dr's office and left messages for both. No word until Thursday morning that something was detected on the ultrasound and that I needed to be referred to a special OB/GYN to figure out what was found and for specialist to diagnose the problem. NOT what I wanted to hear at all. The nurse at my primary care Dr's office stated they found something growing outside the uterus and that it was possibly endometriosis; but my mind quickly flashed back to when the ultrasound tech said you can't detect that on an ultrasound so why was the nurse telling me that?! I finally got a call yesterday from my OB/GYN's office and she said she needed to talk to the Dr to see how urgent he thought this all was and needed to figure out if they are going to order a CT Scan with contrast and when to schedule me an appt. She also told me the only way endometriosis is detected is to treat the individual for it and if the treatment works then they know you have it. That meant that the ultrasound tech was right in what she said, and the nurse confirmed it as well. She said maybe my Dr's office just told me that to give me a quick answer or maybe the nurse I spoke to didn't realize it can't be detected that way. Thank you for the false hope lady!

I've been staying pretty calm about it and haven't even talked to anyone but my husband and mother about it because I want to wait and see the outcome before I start discussing it. I know it is all in God's hands and only he knows what is going on and what can be done about it. I have said numerous times that I am done having children but I want that to be MY decision and not something that is taken from me. It might not be but that is the only thing that keeps flashing in front of my face. Of course if I ever decide to have another child down the road, I'd need a strong tranquilizer to drug my husband first to consult with my husband first, but it scares me to death to think this is something I could lose the opportunity of even making a decision about. If you think about it would you please say a little prayer that this is all no big deal and is an easy fix?

Thanks friends!!

Oh and just for fun here is a picture I photoshopped last night of my first born daughter who made me a mother!!


Sunnymama said...

Saying a prayer for you friend. I love pictures of both girls!

Chelsey said...

Saying a prayer for you right now...it will all be fine, put it on God, he will know what to do! Stay positive and try not to stress about it!