Thursday, August 13, 2009

2nd Grade

So I'm going to save my big, long, sappy post for next Thursday when this gal turns 7... for today I'll shorten it up a bit.

Macie started 2nd grade today, my how the years have flown. We took all of her school supplies to the school last night to get everything organized and write her name on it all, oh and to meet her teacher too. Her teacher is SO sweet, she was actually one of my good friends grade school teacher as well so that makes me feel better as well. I NEVER thought I would like anyone as much as I loved Macie's 1st grade teacher, but so far the new one seems ok =) I had already purchased all of Macie's school supplies a few weeks ago but she and her grandfather came up with a plan that she needed a new, nicer, more expensive backpack that was going to be purchased by Grandpa... because mommy and daddy were perfectly happy with the backpack she already had! You know how grandparents can be, only the best for their grand kids! This is the backpack my little gal picked out, only hers is two different shades of pink and then gray. I took quite a few pictures of her this morning before school so I'll try to post those later this evening.

If you think these pictures of Macie posing are funny, just wait until I post the school pictures. She is doing the SAME thing only its a full body shot, that girl is a hoot!

Macie: I hope you have a WONDERFUL first day at school and enjoy this year as much as the last!


Lindsey said...

We are SO not alike, me and Macie :) I don't know what you and Ali were talking about! I lie. I hope she has a great first day of 2nd grad! And I can't wait to see her cute 1st day of school pictures...I'm sure her hair is ah-dorable.

Ashley Jo Anglin said...

She is too cute. Gotta love the North Face backback!!