Sunday, August 2, 2009

My 'Baby' is a Big Girl!!

I've apparently been on a blogging hiatus this week, I'm not sure what my deal is but hopefully I don't take that long off from blogging again any time soon =)

Anyway... on to the topic of this post... My baby is no longer a baby, she's now my 2nd big girl. This weekend we switched Addaline over from her crib to her new big girl twin sized bed. I was a little nervous about the process but really wanted to get new bedding for her room and change a few of the decorations so we went for it. She did SOOO good and didn't get out of her bed at all last night. Even when she woke up this morning she just laid in her bed talking, with out getting up and out of her bed at all! YAY Addaline! Here are a few pictures I snapped with my cell phone of her new and improved 'big girl' room. What'd ya think?

Here is the big girl herself before we were all finished, her crib was still put together in the middle of the room, that's what you see to the left of this picture.

Here she is showing how much she loves her new bed

I love her new bedding, I got a STEAL on it and just adore it. I got teal colored paint to change the stripe colors on her walls but the paint that is on the wall now matches perfectly so I'm undecided on what I will do?! Any ideas?

I moved her dresser, toy bin and changing table around as well

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