Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bachelor Recap

WOW talk about some drama this week on The Bachelor, SERIOUSLY! We had our girls night last night with Katie, Melisa and Lindsey over and Katie's house and had to pause it NUMEROUS times so we could talk a little smack. Its not girls night if we're not getting a little catty, right?!

I KNEW from last weeks episode it was going to be Rozalyn that was the one who strayed with a producer, I just knew it! She seemed kind of sketchy from the get go. I felt bad for Jake but am SOOO glad she's gone. Bye Bye Rozalyn!

Michelle, oh Michelle! The entire world who is watching this show knows you're ONLY there because the producers are making Jake keep you for all your drama. Last night you were in rare form with prematurely packing your bags because he didn't select you for a date, C.R.A.Z.Y! All of us last night had a hay day talking about that! I'm really hoping she leaves next week, if she makes it much further I might have to reconsider watching the show!

Ali is still my FAVORITE! I just love her! She is so adorable and so down to earth, just a real kind of girl who can let her hair down and doesn't care how perfect she looks. She seems so sincere and its adorable! I wish he would just pop the question to her now and get it over with :)
I really like Elizabeth as well, she's so pretty and mysterious. We'll see how she does in the future, but she's still one of my favorites!
Tenley didn't get a date but I'm super glad he kept her, she's too sweet!

I'm still liking Kathryn as well but I think she's going to have to step it up quite a bit if she wants to stick around.

So there's my recap for the week! If you're a fan and you watched it, what did you think?
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Jenna said...

I agree totally...except maybe on Elizabeth...somethings up there...and lets can it with the purity act already...
If he doesn't pick Ali he is a loser!

Stacy said...

I just had to say, I love your after-thoughts on the show. I'm watching too and I feel the same way as you. It's good to know I'm not the only one thinking it. :) I look forward to your next Tuesday's review. ~Stacy

Lindsey said...

Love it sis!

Ashley said...

Okay, I seriously want to eat Jake up! Isn't he just yummy????