Friday, January 22, 2010

A Milestone, An Addition and A Hoarder

I haven't posted for a few day so I'm playing catch-up! This week has been a big one in the Hall house.... My 'baby', who isn't really a baby any more, graduated to big girl panties. We got a sweet new dog, and I spent nearly an entire morning cleaning our closet. The last part is super exciting people, totally kidding!

Miss Addaline in her 'big girl' panties

Our newest addition, this is Nina. She is SOOO adorable and such a good dog. We got her from a gal in Lawrence who had quite a few boxer's and was needing to part with this sweet girl. She is a year and a half, fully house trained, great with kids, what more could you ask for? Addaline is still adjusting, she is PETRIFIED of animals so she isn't too keen on this idea, but our thought is this will hopefully help her get over her animal fear, with time.

Another project I tackled this week was our closet, OY!! It took me a few hours to accomplish that task, it had gotten way out of control with clothes and shoes piling up. These pictures are ridiculous, I felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders, no lie!

I've been slowly taking things out of my closet that either A) don't fit any more or B) I don't wear any more. That pile is what's up against the wall in the back of the closet

Here is the progress I made. I got all my shoes put at the back, got the boxes out of the closet that have (shamefully) been in there since we moved here 2 years ago. Went through all my shoes and got rid of the one's I no longer wear to donate to the Rescue Mission.

I put my ribbon holder under my clothing on the floor, out of the way and out of sight.

THIS is the aftermath, AHHH! The 2 boxes stacked up and 3 bags near by are what we are donating to the Rescue Mission. The box and bag on the left of the picture is all trash that came out of closet and one of the hall closets as well. I felt SO much better after I did that. I'm SO type A personality and like everything to have its own special place. I'm not quite sure how I let our closet get so out of control. I lead an exciting life of blogging out cleaning out closets, I know :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We've got a pretty low key weekend planned. We're taking my dad to dinner tonight for his birthday to one of his favorite places, HuHot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad, I love you!!!


Lindsey said...

A) LOVE that little tush!!!
B) LOVE that sweet turned up nose and those precious eyes...she loves me already!
C) Good God woman! Hehe! Great job on the cleaning!

Have a great time with Donald and tell him Happy Birthday from me!

Jenna said...

I am pouting as I am looking at these pictures...if you could only see my closet, its seriously the size of a coat closet. I have one of those garmet racks in my room bc there is no room in the closet..reason # 23769532789 why I must move!

Im glad to see you cleaned that baby out so you can take advantage of its size!!