Friday, January 8, 2010

New Years Eve

Usually every year for New Years Eve we stay in and either have people over to our house or go to someone else's house but this year we decided we wanted to go out and do something. There is an amazing improv comedy show called Laughing Matters at a local theatre so we decided that's what we were going to do. Tickets were only $10, that's right I said $10, that is CHEAP entertainment for NYE people! We went with another great couple Chad and Julie, who are friends we have made through Gerrad's work. Chad and Gerrad both work for the UPRR.

We went to a Pizzeria for dinner and enjoyed laughing and talking, Chad is always so funny I could laugh at him for hours! We've also vacationed with this couple 2 times so we've become pretty close, I just adore them! After dinner we headed to the show to laugh our rear ends off and ring in the new year.

Gerrad trying out my new camera

Lindsey and her hubby went to the same show so of course we had to chat and take a picture together

Gerrad and I at the show

Julie and I. I'm not sure why there is a huge shadow over the bottom left of this picture, I'm sticking with blaming Gerrad since he is the one who took the picture :)

Chad and Julie

Gerrad and I at the start of the night (I got out of order obviously)

We rang in the new year pretty low key but had a wonderful time. We're going back to the same comedy show for Valentines Day (the day before actually) for another date night with a different set of friends. If you live locally, you should definitely she the show out, its AMAZING!!


erin said...

Molly, I am an hour outside of Topeka so I think I might try to make it to the comedy show. Looks like you had a great night with friends. Happy New Year!

Jenna said...

I had been meaning to ask you if your first pic was taken with your new camera! You can really tell with how clear you are, and the background isnt in focus! Looks good!