Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Items by Collage AND a New Item

Over at my business blog I've been trying to do a lot of work to prepare for hopefully some traffic soon.

I'm trying really hard to get a portfolio up and running so I can start taking my products around to local boutiques. I thought by making things into categorized collage pictures it would be easier to shop, what do you think? How do these look?

TuTu Outfits- 3 piece sets (tutu, shirt, bow) $35.00 Size- Newborn to Girls 6/7

Applique Shirt- Long or Short Sleeve $15.00 Sizes- Newborn to Boys/Girls 6/7

Crochet Knit Hat with your choice of bow/flower- $10.00 Sizes- 9mo- Girls 6/7

TuTu- $20.00 Sizes- Newborn to Girls size 6/7

Flower Hair Clips and Hair Bows- $5.00

The crochet knit hats are the NEW item that I'm going to start carrying. The colors I have right now in the hats are: lime green, black, brown, light pink, bubble gum pink, hot pink, grey, white, red and purple (I just noticed I forgot to snap a picture of the purple so I'll get on that right now :))


Summer said...

Oh I am sooo glad you stopped by my BLOG!! I love the stuff you make! What is the name of your website? Is it on Etsy? I love that hot pink and zebra print shirt ad love the hairbows....I am addicted to buying Kelcee clothes and hairbows and I would love to explore your shop!

Thanks for stopping by and it's totally o.k. that you disagree with the Bach post....that show is Crrrraaaazzzy and since you make cute stuff I'll forgive ya....LOL just kidding

Have a great day
Summer :0)

Jenna said...

This looks really good!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the hats!
And...just b/c I love you so much, I have entertained the idea of going to the farmers market...I may be grouchy, but I will be there! ;)