Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend Recap (Mostly in Pictures)

This was definitely a fun filled weekend! Friday night we went bowling for my friend Melisa's birthday and we had an absolute blast. My attention span was pretty much gone by the middle of the second game, I was more interested in chatting with the girls, can you blame me?! The boys were bowling 2 games at a time, one on our lane, and one on a 'guys only' lane trying to beat each other's scores all night.

Happy Birthday Melisa, love ya girl!! Melisa, Ashley, me and Tracy

Melisa's husband Adam's favorite thing to say when someone smarts off to him is 'I'll snap your neck' so we've all started saying it to each other, kind of our running joke. Here is Adam pretending to 'snap my neck' ha ha! Can you tell from these goofy pictures we were pretty much laughing all night?!

Gerrad and I. I would really love it if he would shave, but for some reason every few weeks he insists on growing this W.T. beard!

Aaron and Tracy, love this couple!

The guys were supposed to be posing like 'Guidos' and I guess Adam didn't get the memo! If you don't know what a Guido is, please refer to the show "Jersey Shore"

Ashley grabbed my camera to snap some pictures, I guess Aaron wanted to model for her, ha ha!

Gerrad and my dad are framing Aaron and Tracy's unfinished basement so we like to call Gerrad 'Bob the Builder'

Saturday was our girls shopping trip to Kansas City, and talk about laughing and being silly, this day took the cake! We went to Oak Park Mall in Kansas City and shopped til we dropped from 10am to about 3pm. SO.MUCH.FUN!!

I got out of order on my pictures, but here is Lindsey and I eating at The Cheesecake Factory

Here is Jenna and Melisa at lunch
We were so goofy while shopping, and trying to hurry through the stores as fast as we could, no time to take pants and shoes off while trying dresses on. Jenna started the trend and had a rather embarrassing moment, but I was laughing to hard to remember to grab my camera.
Here is Melisa posing for the camera, ha ha!

Lindsey and I got a kick out of this shirt, seriously! We decided we were going to take more goofy pictures than serious ones apparently!

Jenna, with some shoes we found that we were just baffled at

Another random find of the day. WHO actually wears things like this???
Sunday morning before church I snapped a few pictures of one of my cuties. My eldest cutie decided she was going to through a fit when I said I wanted to take her picture, sheesh! The teenage years feel like they are already upon me at the age of 7, wish me luck!
What a sweet little smile!

Posing in her new dress and shoes I got her, love the outfit!

Mommy and Addaline, not the best picture of both of us, oh well, it happens!

I'll blog my Bachelor recap later, I'm still pretty disappointed in the episode.

I'll also blog our Super Bowl get together later as well, it needed to be a post all on its own since I took so many pictures!


Lindsey said...

Had a blast girl! We need to do it again soon!!!!

Hattie said...

Looks like y'all had a blast bowling & shopping! I haven't gone bowling in forever! I didn't know there was any other way to try on a dress. Ha!