Monday, March 29, 2010

Its Monday Already?

This weekend seems like it just FLEW by for some reason. Maybe because we were pretty much on the go all weekend (as usual it seems). Friday night my friend Tracy and I went to a children's consignment sale in Kansas City at the Speedway to check out the good deals. Tracy is expecting a baby girl (I've mentioned this before) in June, and she was looking for a double stroller for Zoie and Emma to cruise around in once Zoie arrives, no such luck. We did however find some SUPER cute clothes for fairly reasonable prices. I got Aaddaline 3 outfits/dresses and a jean skirt (All the pics on this blog post are from my blackberry so pardon the superb photo quality, ha ha)

I got Macie 2 dresses that were super cute. I love the dress on the right with the fruit on it, one of my favorite lines from Gymboree.
AND without further adieu.... LOOK WHAT I GOT AT THE SALE FOR MYSELF... Go me!!! I got a gorgeous blue Coach purse, for $50.00. Yep that's right, I said $50.00. It was love at first sight :o) I'm aware that its probably a fake, but none the less, I LOVE it! It has a small coin purse inside it and a long strap to put on my shoulder to carry it as well, yay!
Tracy and I had a WONDERFUL night just the two of us, getting away from the kiddos and enjoying a night to ourselves, with adult conversation all night, being on our own schedule was amazing! Thanks again Tracy for inviting me!

Saturday morning Macie had 2 volleyball games. She rocked the house as usual on serving, and did well at bumping it too. Since she's so young, her age group has a hard time volleying the ball back and forth, but they all do GREAT. Its so fun to go watch my little super star play on Saturday mornings.

Saturday evening we celebrated our friend Aaron's birthday (Tracy's husband) and went out to dinner at a Japanese steak house, it was yummy, and we all had a great time. There were 16 of us there, and I some how managed not to take ANY pictures! BOO :( We were all invited to go over to their place to watch the UFC fights after dinner, but Addaline had a long day with no nap, so I took her home and put her to bed, and Gerrad and Macie went and had a great time hanging out watching the fights. I was SO sad I missed out, but needed to get Addaline in bed, poor girl was exhausted!!!

I was going to craft a bit, to catch up on some more orders, but my lack of motivation got the best of me, so I laid on the couch and caught up on my dvr'd shows instead!

Yesterday we had church, and then lunch with friends afterwards. We came home and I made a few dresses, and bows, and Gerrad worked on my bow rack that I needed. I have been so overwhelmed lately with my growing business and trying to find time to balance every thing else. I think my biggest problem is not having a craft room, THIS is what my bedroom looks like on a daily basis, AHHHH! I am SUCH a neat freak, that I'm at wits end with this bedroom disaster. We're going to convert our computer room (which is super small but will work great) to a crafting room I believe, SOON! I might work on it tonight while Macie is at dance, just so I can have some peace of mind, ha ha!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I'm going to do a drawing today for the $10.00 gift certificate winner, so stay tuned in a bit!!!


Christa said...

Love your new purse!

Caroline said...

I love it too. What a cool color. You'll have fun with that!

Tracy said...

I had a blast friday night too!! I am so glad we were able to go...and hate to tell ya but you won't be working on the craft room tonight because you will be with ME!!!!!!!!! LOL

Summer said...

Look at all your goodies! Score on the purse! Super Cute! Girly look at all your the finds on the the kiddies clothes....the fruit line is one of my favs from gymbo too!

Oh I did a fashion shoot with Kelcee last night it was sooo funny I had to bribe her with snickerdoodles...LOL anywho she loves the bows and they look to presh with the outfits...I plan on doing a post for ya sometime this week....

Summer :0)

oh glad you had a fab weekend friend

Sunnymama said...

Girl you are always so busy! I can't believe you didn't call me while up at the speedway! I would have strolled along with you since I live 5 minutes away! boo! I am so glad your busy is doing so great. You may need a partner to keep up!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Cute clothes for the girls! Always helps when they are cheap, too!! :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

My ribbon holder looks identical to that haha! and lucky finds!!!