Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a Weekend!


Is my poor husbands car, that we've only owned for 1 yr.

And THIS.....

Is the person's car who hit Gerrad's car. THIS is how our weekend started off, first thing Friday evening at 5:30pm.

Melisa had picked me up for dinner, and we had JUST sat down to dinner with Katie and Kela, and ordered our dinner. Our appetizer arrived and my phone rang.... it was Gerrad, talking to a bunch of people in the background stating that a car had hit him, and flipped/rolled and the driver was ejected. It was like he had pocket dialed me and was talking to everyone else but me. My heart sank, and I panicked big time. I finally got his attention and he told me that he and the girls were all OK and told me where the accident was so I could go meet them there. It was about a mile down the street from where we were at dinner.

I took Melisa's car (thanks again girl) and met them there. I know he told me everyone was OK, but pulling up on the scene, seeing blood on the ground and all the commotion made me upset. I rushed to Gerrad's car where the girls were sitting in the backseat with a nurse who had seen the accident and was trying to keep the girls calm until Gerrad or I could get to them. I grabbed Addaline out of her car seat and she just broke down crying telling me "My daddy car broken, Mommy." Macie is my emotional girl anyhow, so this just did that poor girl in. The guy who was ejected from his vehicle landed pretty close to Gerrad's car, and right in Macie's eye line. I had a feeling she had seen WAY too much, but Gerrad thought she probably didn't see as much as we thought.

We were there for about an hour and a half trying to get everything squared away. Gerrad's car had to be towed away from the scene, so did the other 2 cars. A Domino's pizza driver was at fault for this accident... he didn't see the SUV waiting behind someone who was trying to make a left turn (he was waiting for on coming traffic to pass), and he rear ended the SUV, who then veered into Gerrad's lane and hit the front of his car. The SUV flipped and rolled quite a ways, and Gerrad's car jumped the curb and slid just a little further than the SUV. I am SOOO very thankful that no one in my family was hurt, just shook up.

They determined Monday afternoon that Gerrad's car is in fact, totaled! We've already gotten everything squared away with the insurance company and are waiting to purchase a new vehicle, hopefully today. As much as Gerrad wants a fancy new(er) truck, I think we're just going to purchase a car with cash so we don't have a payment, so now we'll be saving what we were paying on Gerrad's car monthly, or we can apply to my car payment to pay it off faster! Car buying is SUCH a headache, ahhh!

The rest of our weekend was pretty good. I went, as planned, with the girls after the whole wreck fiasco, Friday night to go see our friend in RENT. It was a wonderful time, and Lindsey rocked the house for sure! We all sobbed like babies watching her perform, such an emotional act. I somehow managed to not take a single picture, shame on me! Saturday I had the Farmers Market and just hung out with Gerrad and the girls the rest of the day. We were supposed to go to Kansas City but the weather did not cooperate with us, so we stayed here and had a nice dinner with friends at Texas Roadhouse instead. Sunday we went to church, and then ate lunch with some friends, and then went to Gerrad's mom and dad's for dinner to visit with some family that is in town from Texas. It was nice to spend time and hang out with everyone. I just wish it would have been warm outside so we could enjoy Gerrad's parents amazing outdoor area. I MUST snap some pictures of that some time to show you all! HEAVEN!

Just a side note... our lawn mower also quit working this weekend. Gerrad's parents had given us a super nice John Deer riding lawn mower when his dad got a new one, and it shot craps this weekend. I'm hoping its something that can be fixed, SOON. Gerrad tinkered with it most of the weekend, with no success. Hopefully this weekend he can get something figured out with it. Gerrad's dad was super sweet and came over and mowed our yard yesterday so we didn't look like the Whiskey Tango (white trash) of the neighborhood!


What I got last week... TOMS! Yay for me! The hubby didn't buy them for me, I took my own money (from my Farmers Market sales, ha ha) and treated myself to them. If you know me in real life, you know I do NOT buy things for myself so this was a big deal for me. It meant a lot that when I purchased them, I knew a child who was in need of shoes, would now get them! I just love TOMS, and everything they are about. The man who started this company a few years ago, is brilliant! I want to go back and either buy the pink pair, or the silver glitter pair! Maybe for Mother's Day :)

I hope you all had a lot less eventful weekend than we did!! Wrecks are not pleasant, and neither is having only one car for a super busy family! (And YES, these lovely pictures were taken with my phone, hence the amazing quality ;))


Aly @ Analyze This said...

So scary!! And for the girls to see it all unfold is even more scary! Glad that everyone is OK!! Did you find a car?

Ashley said...

Glad everyone from your family is ok!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

omg! thank the Lord that no one was seriously hurt...that other guys car looked horrible!

i had wrecks...i get scared to death about them everyday.

i drive past one that happened last july by our house...a mommy from our neighborhood was taking her 4yr old to VBS and she made a left hand turn..i guess didn't see the car and flipped her car a few times...she and her 4yr old died...she had an infant girl in the car and she heart breaks for that daddy and little girl who will never know her mommy or brother (right now)

ugh! glad everything was ok!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

praise the Lord for keeping your family safe! it must have been so tough pulling up to the scene! paying cash is definitely better than a payment! your toms are fabulous!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Oh my gosh that is so so scary! So thankful that your family is all okay!

~*Katie*~ said...

I found your blog through Summer's Story!! I'm your newest follower!!! Im glad to hear that your husband and daughters were ok!! That looks like a pretty scary car accident!!!

Molly said...

Thank God he is okay! That is sooo scary!

Nice shoes!

Christa said...

How scary! I'm so glad that your husband and daughters were okay! Thank God!!!

Lindsey said...

So scary but SO glad everyone was okay, besides the cars that is!! That's the worst feeling getting news like that!!

And sorry to hear about your lawn mower. Our riding one is in the shop now and my hubby is having to push our yard, which is not easy because it's on a hill and pretty big! I hate it when those things go out!

Hate your weekend started off so rough! Good luck getting his car fixed and all!