Friday, June 18, 2010

Dancing Queen

2 weekends ago was Macie's big dance recital. She takes ballet, tap and jazz and is such a phenomenal dancer (and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother). She is built just like a ballerina and really moves with grace, which is amazing for a 7 year old!

Here she is with her friend Makenna, they both looked so adorable!

Here's Macie admiring herself in the mirror, she is so my child, ha ha!

Making silly faces!!

Dancing ballet

Shake what your momma gave ya girl ;)

Tap dancing girl!

I neglected to upload the pictures to blogger of her jazz dance, it was kind of a hot mess, her teacher isn't very good and it was pretty unorganized.

This weekend we're getting together with friends tonight to snuggle on our latest baby Zoie, tomorrow I have a pool party with my Diva's, and Sunday is Father's Day. What are ya'll up to?

I'm going to be teaming up with Aly over @ Analyze This in the near future to host a giveaway on her blog. I will make sure to let you all know when that is so you can enter to win one of my latest products!!


Trish said...

YAY for sweet Macie! She looks beautiful, love the costumes, too cute!! :) Have a great weekend Molly, and Happy Father's Day to Mr. Fuschia! :) xoxox

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Hi Molly! I'm Julie and I'm cohosting the giveaway with Aly. Thank you so so much for teaming up with us, you're a sweetie! Happy Friday, my dear! xoxo

Carrie said...

It's fun seeing Macie in her cutie dance costumes! Love that girl!!

Kelly said...

Aww, such sweet pictures of Macie!! Good for her :-) If I could go back I would TOTALLY persue dancing more than I did as a child, it's soooo neat!!