Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 11 and GIRLS NIGHT!

Today's topic is 'Favorite TV Shows.' Get your morning coffee peeps, this could take me a while! I have a SICK obsession with my shows!

I told you it was SICK! 10 Shows, REALLY?! I need to GET A LIFE! I even left off all the 'Real Housewife' shows, JERSEY SHORE, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe take Miami. I dvr ALL of my shows, and watch them after the girls go to bed. I promise I'm not neglecting my children to watch all this trash, ha! If I had to narrow it down, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and 90210 would be my top 3 favorites.


On to another topic that makes me look like LESS of a loser, ha! Girls craft night was a blast Friday night. It was so fun to see how different every one's wreaths turned out. Everyone is creative in their different ways. If you had to guess, can you tell which one is mine?? With out cheating :) Jessica you should be proud I FINALLY uploaded the pictures ;)

1} This one was Melisa's friend Kristen's wreath. She said she wanted to go home and add some more sprays (beads on sticks)
2} My friend Carrie's wreath. I like how it turned out
3} Ashley's wreath. Hers was also cute.
4} Melisa's wreath. This girl cracks me up ya'll... when we went to get all of our supplies, she had all of her pieces laid out in a circle on the floor of hobby lobby to make sure she liked how it looked. Her job is in visual merchandising for Payless Corporate, so she's used to seeing everything in action first. She's always so neat and organized, maybe I need to do her job for a bit to help me out! HA!
5} This is MINE! Of course it had to have a little animal print on it, DUH! I don't LOVE how it turned out, but it will do I suppose.
6} This is Melisa's sister Wendy's wreath. I thought it turned out cute!
7} This is my friend Heather's, and my absolute FAVORITE! I think I might actually make another Christmas wreath, to look similar to this one.

Hope you all are having a great day so far, its ALMOST Friday, AND I get my hair done tonight! YAY! Good bye GREY, hello BROWN!


Lacey said...

I am so mad that I forgot about True Blood. Even though I only get to watch it every few months when I remember to check onDemand at my parents house (and it's not exactly the kind of show I like to watch when my dad is around.)
Cute wreaths!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love the wreaths!! Can you tell me how to do this?!?! I want a leopard one for Xmas on my front door! With burgundy and hunter green, of course!!

Looks like you had a BLAST!!! :)

Miss Southern Vol said...

OHHH YAY!! You FINALLY put up the wreath pics! How creative and awesome are yall!?! These are just tooo cute~! I LOVE yours with the animal print- like LOVE! You know now I need a tutorial- Christmas wreath is my next project. And OMG the last one- Can we say WOW! I need a tutorial on this too! AHH this is making me way to excited for 11:30 on a Thursday at work! We should start an etsy business :)

Caroline said...

I watch WAY more than you do. So excited for the Jersey Shore finale tonight!!! Love those wreathes!!! I need to make mine instead of buying them.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

beautiful wreathes!! oh how I love this time of year!!

I have seen "teen mom" on a lot of blogger lists! I may have to check it out!!

Have a great day!

Kelly said...

Wow, those are some AMAZING wreaths!! What a fun night :-D

Oooh, and I loove the new look on here! Especially that rhinestone tree on the left of your header ;-) CUTE!!

Venessa said...

I found your blog through the challenge...I also love Two and a half men! Its a good one! I am a new follower and cant wait to keep reading!

Katie K. said...

You might have listed 10 shows, but they are all really good ones!

Lindsi said...

LOVE your wreath! :) ....I agree with a comment posted above, you need to post a "how to" tutorial for these things. Super fun!