Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tag You're It!

Happy Thursday ya'll! I'm just thrilled that its almost the weekend. This weekend we have Addaline's birthday party (2 weeks late I'm aware :)), Macie's volleyball, and a night out with our friends to one of our favorite events, Laughing Matters. Did I already mention, I love weekends!

So Lindsey over at Lovin' My Life tagged me in a fun little question game. Thanks girl, its always fun to participate in these!

So here are the questions that Lindsey got to ask all the girls she tagged (great set of questions chica):

1. What is your dream car?
Brace yourself here folks, this is a SUPER fancy car (insert sarcasm here)...

A Chevy Tahoe... yep that's it! Not a BMW, or Mercedes... just a Chevy SUV

2. What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own?

My wedding ring, I never take it off!

3. If you could have a spending spree at any store where would it be?

I'd have to say Target.... You can pretty much get anything you need from there. They have adorable, affordable clothing and accessories, and don't even get me started on the shoes, ahhh! I'm such a thrifty mom that I said I would want a shopping spree at TARGET, really Molly?!

4. Would you rather watch reality tv or scripted tv?

I have a SICK obsession with both, so this is super hard for me to choose. I LOVE my scripted shows- 90210, Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice... BUT I also LOVE Jersey Shore, Any Real Housewives (minus D.C.), Teen Mom (I'm sick I know). So I guess this one ends in a tie for me.

5. What is your after work/school snack?

Since I'm home all day, this is one of my biggest weaknesses... snacking all day. I have been trying to not buy many snack foods, so I don't eat them. Wish me luck on this venture!

6. Would you rather have a good hair day or an awesome outfit?

Probably an awesome outfit. I think you can make your hair look even just OK, if you have a rockin' outfit. I may be way off here to the fashionista's, but I'm a mom who stays in sweats 75% of the time.

7. What is your dream ideal job?

I already have my dream job, its being a MOM! But... if I had to pick another dream job, it would be to own my own BABY BOUTIQUE! Hopefully some day soon that will all happen. I just keep praying about it, and if its meant to be, God will reveal the plan to me.

8. Why did you start blogging?

Since I became a stay at home mom a year ago... I wanted to start blogging quite a bit more, which worked well for quite a while, lately I've been slacking. Hopefully I'm back for good. I think blogging is a super fun way to have a record of the things that were going on at certain points in the girls' lives. I plan to have my blog made into a fun little scrapbook over the years. Its also fun to share things with friends and family that we may not see all the time.

I'd love to tag some of my favorite blogger gals...

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Molly at Stilettos and Diapers

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Sarah at The Sparks Plugs

I've gotta run and pick up Addaline from preschool so I'll let you gals answer the same questions that I did!

Have a GREAT Thursday everyone!


Caroline said...

Fun blog. I'll do it if I get a chance.
btw you dont watch the housewives of dc? I don't watch the housewives of atlanta- but I might this season?!!

Have fun on your trip!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

this is so fun!