Monday, November 15, 2010

Addaline's Tea Party with Santa

Saturday morning Gerrad and I got to have a little 'date day' with Addaline. Macie had a birthday party in Kansas City at the American Girl store for one of her friends, so we took advantage of our alone time with our sweet toddler and headed out to see Santa! Its nice to be able to have that one on one time with each one of your children after the second one comes along. Our local mall was hosting a tea party with Santa for little girls. They asked the little girls to come wearing their 'Christmas best' so of course Addaline needed me to make her something 'pretty' ha! Let's see if you notice anything photos missing from the following sequence....

Riding the train in the mall while we were waiting on Santa

Patiently waiting for the jolly old man to arrive ;)

The Chick'Fil'A cow. He scared the life out of Addaline, she was definitely NOT a fan!

Santa came around and chatted with each of the girls. His conversation with Addaline was BRIEF to say the least, ha!

Can you tell she had been crying? Oh my!

Happy to be away from the Santa cow, and ready to ride the train AGAIN!

My favorite 3 year old!

So obviously you probably noticed there were NO photo-ops with Santa himself. This stubborn little girl wanted no part of making friends with the man in red. She was fine chatting with him from a far, and waving goodbye, but would not take a photo with him. We're hoping that the next time we go visit Santa, since Macie will be with us, that Addaline will be a little more willing to get cozy since her big sister will be there to 'protect' her. I'll keep you all posted!

Stay tuned for a SUPER fun announcement coming on the blog tomorrow (hopefully)!!


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Aww!! Poor Addaline!! I wish she liked Santa a little better, but there is always next year!

PS- I love how she wears your clothes you make - talk about stellar marketing opportunities!! :) So smart friend!

Caroline said...

Poor Addaline! Those cows and Santa can be scary. Hopefully Macie will make it better! I am excited about your announcement.

Caroline said...

It was fun, thanks for telling us about it.
We are taking Taylynn to the American Doll store for her birthday, it's going to be fun!!! Have you seen it yet?

Shannon said...

She's precious! I'm following by way of Aly (I'm making y'alls button for your Christmas thingamabob)...Your daughter is adorable! I can't believe you make those cute tops! I want one for my 15 month old!


Kelly said...

Ohhh my! I bet that was too much fun! And I can imagine how special it is to have alone time with each child! The pictures are TOO cute-- Love Adaline's shirt :-D Can't wait for the BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT :-D