Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

This past weekend, we went out with 2 other families to take some Christmas card photos. We all have about the same camera so we just took turns taking each families photos. It was so much fun, and FREE since we used our own cameras. We got some amazing shots, I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out!

 Macie and Addaline cheesing it up, I LOVE their dimples!

 One of our family shots
 This is my favorite photo from the shoot, I just love the colors for some reason
 Similar photo, just black and white
 I just adore this photo as well, so precious! Addaline is definitely a daddy's girl
 This is typical, these 3 are SO goofy!
 Love this one as well
 My other favorite of just the girls
 On of our other family photos, this isn't my favorite one
I love this one for some reason, its just so cute, and captures their innocence!

Beware... In the next few days I'm going to do the Shutterfly post that tons of you have been doing. I know its obnoxious, but I can't pass up 50 FREE CARDS! Feel free to ignore my post, you won't hurt my feelings ;)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! Your daughters are adorable! I especially like how the younger one smiles (for some reason) - big smile, eyes almost closed. I did that when I was about her age.

Emily said...

Those photos are so nice! Go for the obnoxious post! I did and I just got my cards back today, they turned out so great, you've just gotta do it! Happy Thanksgiving!

Summer said...

Girl those pics are fantastic when I saw your header the other day I totally thought they were professionally taken, girl they are awesome! I have that same camera but I need new lenses I think! What type of lenses do you have!! LOL about the photo post girl go for it I totally did and I am lovin' the cards that were sent to me yippeeeeee!!

I love all the pics especially the ones of all of you on the wall and of you two presh girls and the ones with their daddy ok well I love them all

Oh and the Dr.'s didn't say the chemo is working yet, I was saying that was my wish and would be a great present if they did, fingers crossed they do....I get bloodwork next week

have a happy thanksgiving


Kelly said...

Ahhh, I just ADORE these photos!! Soooo adorable, love the color scheme too! :-D

Candice Pair said...

Great photos! And thats awesome that you got together with some of your friends and did it for free!!

And girl I wouldnt worry one bit about that Shutterfly post...its definitely worth it! I already got my promotion code for the free cards!

A Little R&R said...

Gorgeous pictures of a lovely family. I am your newest follower from 12 DOCBC.

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Love the photos...we were like minded this week.
~Naila Moon