Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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1} I've been trying to get caught up on laundry for the past week and a half... guess what? I'm STILL not caught up, I think that I need a maid for laundry only. It is my most dreaded household chore for some reason. I would give anything to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but when you live in a house with 4 people, who create a lot of laundry, I don't think that's every going to happen.

2} This past weekend we did absolutely nothing, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Friday night we stayed home in our pj's and I made chicken and noodles. Saturday was my dad's birthday (HEY DAD :)) so we went to breakfast, then to Starbucks, and then home. Addaline had a birthday party for a sweet little girl in her preschool class, then we came back home and put our jammies on and lounged. I helped one of my girlfriends make an ADORABLE wreath while G went out with some guy friends. (I'll post a picture of the wreath asap, ya'll will LOVE it)

3} Our Christmas tree is STILL up, seriously! Every decoration in our house was taken down on New Years day, except the tree. For some reason I have decided that until I can get Gerrad to bring in the totes that I need from the shed, that its staying up. Maybe I should decorate for Valentine's Day? HA!

4} I've been doing really well lately with not letting things get to me. When I'm feeling stressed I just remind myself, "It could be SO much worse, I've got it made." As I mentioned Friday, there is so much hurt and pain going on in other peoples lives right now, I truly am blessed and am trying to do a better job of saying it/showing it! Will you join me?

5} For you Bachelor fans, sorry I didn't keep up on my recaps, I got behind on the show. I'm hoping to be caught up tonight and recap it for you tomorrow :)

6} Can I tell you how excited I am that 90210 comes back on tonight?? WHOOP!!

7} How many of you watch Glee? I've been thinking of catching up on all the episodes so I can start watching it. Is it worth it? I don't have tons of ample time, so I just wondered your opinions on the show.

(For some reason my spell check is working against me today, so if you see some huge error, I apologize in advance ;))


Suze said...

hey molly ! im a new follower and i dont think laundry ever ends honestly! I'm trying to do better about not letting things get to me too! totally understand you on that and often weekends of doing absolutely nothing and low key are wonderful and needed at times :)

Hope you have a blessed monday!

Amanda Money said...

Hey Molly, that is really funny about your tree. My parents have a huge tree that when my sister and I were out helping take down the decorations, we decided to leave it up. It was too big to take out by ourselves and prelit so we didn't want to take it apart. Anyway, we decorated it for Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas again. After 1 year of that my Mom finally got my Dad to carry it out to the shed but it was fun for a year!

Tracy said...

You just made my day knowing that 90210 comes on tonight!!! YES!!! Thank you for that little bit of news to brighten my day at work!