Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Playing Catch Up (ie, What Else is New?!)

How is everyone? I'm still alive, been enjoying lots of family time with little to no distractions, which has been a small slice of Heaven! We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and are looking forward to what this year brings.

I'll post some of our Christmas photos for ya'll to start getting caught up.

 Our family at church on Christmas Eve

 My sneaky dad came over and hid this in our office while we were at church, it ended up being a fireplace, which I somehow managed to not take a picture of with my camera, DUH Molly!
 Addaline anxiously hovering over all the gifts
 The bracelet that I got my dad and Gerrad. It has the girls' birth dates on it, the both loved them! A 'manly' way to display your love ;)

 I got the Jessica Simpson handbag that I wanted, way to go honey!!
 The start of Macie's reaction to the ipod touch that we got her. Let me tell you the back story to this, Macie has been asking for one of these for a LONG time. We refused to spend 200+ on one for an 8 year old, so we kept telling her NO WAY. She decided she was going to ask Santa for the ipod touch and the American Girl doll that she wanted. We ended up finding a steal of a deal on craigs list for this ipod, so we went ahead and bought it for her. Macie is such a tender hearted girl (like her mother) and when she opened it, immediately started sobbing, and laughing all at the same time. Every person in the room, including my dad and husband, all starting sobbing right along with her. I will never forget her sweet little reaction to getting this gift!
 And now crying (and it makes me tear up posting these pics, I'm telling you, we are a bunch of saps)
 Addaline with her new Leapster 2
 Santa gifts... Addaline got the Thomas the Train that she asked for, yay!
 And Macie got her American Girl doll that she wanted as well. 'Santa' was good to these girls!
Addaline, Macie and our niece Kamryn. Such pretty girls!

I'm not big on New Years resolutions, but maybe I should amend that and try to make 'blogging regularly' one of them, ha! ;)

Oh and I'm SO excited that 3 of my besties have decided to join in on the blogging fun! Ashley, Carrie and Tracy... They're fabulous gals and I'm SO glad that they decided to join the blogging world (even though we all talk daily), you'll have to go show them some love!


Miss Chelsea said...

I love that bracelet! where did you get them made at?

Anonymous said...

Molly~So sweet. I teared up, too, watching Macie's reaction. Just pure joy. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Kelly said...

What a GREAT family picture! The pictures of Macy crying are TOO PRECIOUS. She will remember it forever! What type of American Girl doll did she get? Looks like a fabulous Christmas was had by all-- loove your bag too!

Lindsey said...

your family is too cute for words! i love your christmas picture. and macy's excitement for her ipod touch.. you can just tell how much it meant to her! so cute! i hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Macie is the sweetest kid ever! Truly! How humbling of her to cry over an iPod touch...I love it!!

Great gift for Gerrad and your Dad! Very manly!!!

Caroline said...

Love that bracelet. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. :)

CourtneyKeb said...

Precious girls and I love that bracelet!!

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh I love Macie so much...priceless pictures babe!!

Miss Southern Vol said...

Missed you sweet Molly!! We both have been out of it! Shesshh!!! Lets catch up :)

Anonymous said...

I have 2 American Girl dolls - one I got for my 9th birthday before I knew what AG was and one I saved up for - so I understand how important that doll is to Macie. Happy holidays Molly!

Jen said...

I love the story and pictures of Maci opening her ipod! So cool!! I can tell you're raising her well!!

Mrs. Bill said...

What a sweet reaction to the gift! Glad you had a great Christmas!