Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

Sunday over night it started to snow, and didn't stop until Monday night, causing all of the schools in town to close Monday and Tuesday. We had a blast playing in the snow Monday, and an even better time sledding with the girls! Melisa, Ashley and I took the girls sledding at a small area by our local lake. It was a perfect little hill for the girls to sled down, and it wasn't so big that they weren't able to climb back up. It was definitely a good exercise for the adults :o)

 Ashley getting ready to make her way down the hill

 Makenna getting ready to head down the hill

 Addaline and Melisa making the trek back up the hill

 Macie trying to scope out a 'slick' spot

 Makenna and Addaline sledding

 Macie and I

Its so fun to get out and act like a kid sometimes! I'm so glad the girls and I had a few days off together to just hang out and be silly!

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