Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Week in Photos

Our week has been pretty laid back and boring, other than Valentines Day being Monday. I was able to go to Macie's school party Monday afternoon to surprise her, it was wonderful. I hadn't planned on being able to go, so she was shocked when Addaline and I showed up, it was priceless, and she even got a little teary eyed, she is SO my kid! The weather has been pretty 'spring-like' this week, which we're loving. I took a few photos of the girls outside Tuesday evening, they loved it!

 Enjoying the Vday Party at school
 My big 3rd grader, where has the time gone??
 Her Valentines treat bag
 Someone thinks she is a big girl, and is ready for school!
 I can't get enough of this sweet dimpled smile!
 Trying to look 'serious'
 Love these girls more than life itself, and their cheesy smiles that brighten my days!

I randomly decided this morning that I needed a vacation, to an actual destination, not just a day off. I haven't filled Gerrad in on my idea yet (HI HONEY). I'm looking a budget friendly destination, that we could possibly take the kids with. As much as I love my every other year alone, vacations with G, I want to take the girls this year, even though its our year for an adult trip ;) I priced a Disney World trip for an amazing price, but I'm not opposed to a Caribbean getaway either. Anyone have any great location ideas??


Aly @ Analyze This said...

I adore your kids!! Your stories about Macies tender, loving heart always bring a little tear to my eye! She is very special and so innocent - keep her that way!

I think Addaline is going to be your troublesome!! Ha!

Come to Indiana!!! :) Visit your aunt/uncle and see me!

Rebekah said...

I'm convinced you have the most beautiful girls! A Disney vacation would be so fun. I've never been and I'm constantly talking about going!

Miss Southern Vol said...

Aww how sweet of a mommy are you! Most would be itching for an alone time vacay! I always vote carribean- Sandals sometimes has some great deals :)and even sometimes has great vacay deals

Caroline said...

The girls are so cute!!! You're a lucky momma!

MrsV said...

One of our favorite family spots is San Antonio! Yummy food, Sea World, water park, Alamo, The River Walk! Very family & budget friendly =)

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Very cute! Glad ya'll had a nice V-day!

Lindsey said...

first off your girls are completely adorable! their smiles can truly brighten anyones day - and i'm pretty sure they do that for you and G daily!

as far as vacations... we just booked a cruise for 5 nights and it was a HECK of a deal! i would highly recommend going on one - they are fun and laid back but can also have structure if you would like!
can't wait to hear where you guys end up going :)

Amber said...

Love the pics Molly, they are so precious! :)

Vacation ideas, if you're not opposed to something beachy, I vote for the Bahamas. My boyfriend's parents go each year, and it's not too bad. Especially if you can get your stuff together in enough time before you actually go. You can get tickets and all that for decent price!

Kelly said...

OH Molly, what PRECIOUS photos! They are just TOO cute in their V-Day attire! And OF COURSE ya know I love the KU shirts as well :-D Rock Chalk!