Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What are you loving this week? Head on over to Jamie's blog to play along!

 I'm  loving this scarf from The Pleated Poppy. SO CUTE! She has been selling out of these things right after she posts them so I haven't had a chance to snag one yet. Also, my 'cheapness' has stopped me as well, which is usually the case. Regardless, I LOVE the look of this scarf.

 I am LOVING this book, like obsessed with it. We read it all the time, and I'm wondering why I didn't know anything about it since its been out for a while. It gets me a little teary eyed (which we all know isn't hard to do) every time we read it.
I am still loving this bad boy, and using it daily. Thanks again G for a kick butt Valentine's day gift to each other, you ROCK! Well I do too, since it was MY idea, ha! 

I'm loving that I got a spot for Addaline for preschool next year at her current school. It's awesome that they let the current students have first pick before they open it up to the public. This preschool is ridiculously popular, and classes for next school year will be all full as of next week. Sheesh! 

I'm loving that our bathroom is almost done. If Gerrad was working in town this week, I think it would actually be done, instead of almost done. Hopefully we can get it finished up this weekend. This is actually one home improvement project where we haven't wanted to off each other, ha! He owes me big time for painting the bathroom for him! Side note to the bathroom reno, I love that my husband is such a bargain shopper when it comes to these things. He found us the sink we wanted, with the faucet and all the other pieces we needed, for a 1/4 of the price that Home Depot was asking, WORD!!

I'm also loving that the basement is finally done, all my decor is up, and I'm LOVING the look of it. If our basement wasn't currently destroyed from the bathroom renovation down there, I would take/post pics. Next week I will!

Things I'm NOT loving this week (I know that's not the topic, but this is MY blog ;))...

I'm not loving that G is out of town this week. For some reason the girls seem to act a little crazy when he is gone, that or Addaline has just been in rare toddler-form this week, oy! And don't even think about going all 'boogey man' on me since I said G is gone. I'm packing heat, and have a LOUD alarm, and a dog that will eat you (only kidding). And hopefully he'll be home TONIGHT. 

I'm not loving that we haven't booked a vacation yet. This momma needs wants a fun getaway ;)

I'm not loving that it is still cold outside, COME ON SPRING!!

*Don't forget to enter the awesome Spring has Sprung Blog Swap, that the lovely Aly and I are hosting! You don't want to miss it, who doesn't love to shop for fun Spring items for other people, and receive the same in return! 


Amber said...

That scarf is SO cute! You should forget your cheapness and BUY it, girl! I'm jealous of your Keurig, I've always wanted one.. now we're talking cheap-o. That's why I don't have one, HA! ;)

MrsV said...

Super cute scarf! You mean you haven't figured out how to make one yet? ha! I'm just as cheap, when I see something I want, I wait for it to go on sale then run the risk of it being gone.

Nicki said...

That is an adorable scarf!

My husband is going out of town for a week, the week after next and I'm dreading it!

By the way, I mentioned the blog swap in my post today!

Ashley said...

Love that scarf....and that book makes me cry too! I put it in my want basket for my classroom library! I'm crossing my fingers one of my kids buys it for me. I was just thumbing through it during the preview yesterday and started to tear up. haha
Love you girl!

Rebekah said...

I love that scarf! How AWESOME that he found all that for such a cheap price! Haha, if anything happened while Dylan was gone, I wouldn't know what to do even though we have 3 guns in our house. I'm begging him to teach me. :)

Brittany said...

LOVE the scarf and that it's Wednesday!!

Ashley said...

I see those Kureig Coffee makers on QVC all the time and they always look so cool! Maybe I'll think about getting myself one ;)

Leah said...

You have to try the chocolate glazed donut coffee for the Keurig, it's to die for!