Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Confessional


It's Friday, which means it's time to confess all your dirty (I have no dirty secrets, unless dirty diaper secrets count?) secrets from the week

I confess... I have been obsessing about 'Water for Elephants' this week. I NEED to buy the book asap, but I really want to see the movie this weekend... what to do? See the movie before reading the book, or just get some patience and read the darn book THEN see the movie? 

I confess... It annoys me to no end that my husband has Friday's off. I know he works hard all week to get Friday's off, but it annoys me because it's not fair. Yes, I'm a big baby! 

I confess... This week I have talked about children's bowel movements more than I ever thought I could in my life, you're welcome!

I confess... I'm SO ready for an adult night out next week when we go to the Royals baseball game with all our friends. $1 night, baseball and our best friends, YES please! 

I confess... There needs to be some type of 'volleyball mom' sticker instead of soccer mom, this week Macie has played vball 4 days, that's right, 4 days! This kid ought to be darn good by her 2 games tomorrow. 

I confess... My life is fairly boring, I have no huge things to confess, but Friday's are my favorite, partly for this blog topic reason :) 

I confess... I sent my friend Melisa a text this morning that read 'I would sell a kidney right now, if you would bring me a cup of plain coffee if you have some made.' Sure enough, when she brought her sweet babe over, she was armed with a LARGE travel mug of coffee. This is why we're friends, she speaks my friend love language ;) Thanks again Mel!

I confess... If you're celebrating Easter this weekend, between all the 'holiday fluff' and egg hunts, you should take a moment and be grateful for the One who gave His life for you!


Katie said...

Read the book first before you see it!!!! The book is an easy read and I finished it in 2 days so you won't have to wait long to see the movie and you will be much more into it after you read the book! :)

On that note, did you see my blog post today? Water for elephants obsessed. couldn't help it.

mrs.mfc said...

Read the book first!!!!!!! It is a quick read :) I'm going to see it tonight!!! SO excited :)

Cara S. said...

THANK GOD for friends that bring coffee over when in a pinch. Enough Said! Happy Friday, man I wish I had off every Friday.

Ashley Rose said...

THANK YOU for reminding me that I need to pick up a copy of Water For Elephants! I keep forgetting to add that to my to-do list. You totally saved me!

Also--I think it's awesome that you encourage people to take time out on Easter to thank Christ. You rock.

Melanie said...

I can not wait to see the movie!!!!

Rebekah said...

I can't wait to see the movie! Haha, that's so sweet she brought you coffee. :) I hope you have a Happy Easter!

VandyJ said...

My posts may become potty obsessed when my youngest enters the potty training world. They make for interesting posts.
Have a great weekend!

Impulsive Addict said...

I haven't read the book and I'm totally going to the movie tonight at 10:00 pm with my crackhead girlfriends (one is completely obsessed with Rob) and I just really like Reece. She's one of my besties you know. So, I say watch the movie then read the book.

Your friend is super nice to you! But coffee is poison. Ick.

Brittany said...

I really want to see W4E but I haven't read the book yet...need to get on that. By the time I'm finished with it, it will be on video! haha I too have a boring life, no worries. My life is consumed with work and grad school.
Happy Easter!

Jessie said...

I love buck night at the Royals game! Even better when it is buck night with Fireworks! Have fun at the game!