Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Rambles

I love it when someone gives me an excuse to post random tidbits, that's right, I like to have a topic to blog about, it's always easier when I do :) Jessica over at Miss Southern Vol tagged me in a '10 Things I Love' post, so why not play along?!

 1} My family of course! My family keeps me going, they are the reason I am the person I am today, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a wife and a mother. Sometimes I lose my patience, my cool, my sanity (Gerrad likes to impulse buy ;)), but I wouldn't change any of it for the world. I am so fortunate! 

 2} Kansas Jayhawk basketball, or football (more basketball). Going to games, watching them with friends, doesn't matter, love it all!

 3} SHOES! I have gotten a lot better over the past few years, but I still love shoes! Any and all!
 4} Sewing! I love making things for the girls, myself, friends, doesn't matter, I love it! Sewing is therapeutic for me for some crazy reason. I want to get an embroidery machine so I can go crazy monogramming things for the kids!

 5} Our church! We are truly blessed to have such a WONDERFUL church to call home. Our worship music is hip and up to date, our associate pastor, and pastor are awesome, and I always leave feeling like I got something out of the service! Plus, we've met our 'church family' there, and I couldn't be more grateful!

 6} The beach! Any beach will do, and I don't mean a swimming beach at a lake, no thanks ;) When we go to Disney next month, we'll definitely be making a trip to the beach. I just want to feel the sand between my toes, and see the girls at the beach for the first time, many photos will be taken I'm certain!

7} Sleeping! Who doesn't love a good nights sleep, or a little nap occasionally? 

8} Taking photos! I'm no professional, but I love taking, and looking at photos. Some of you bloggers take the most amazing photos, and I just love looking at them all!

9} Any and all things baby! I've professed my love of picking baby names, looking at baby nurseries, buying clothes (not just for little babies, for my 'big babies' too), planning baby showers, etc... LOVE.IT.ALL. 

10} Our friends! Sometimes we all bicker like sisters, get in little scuffles over nothing, but all in all, we have a great dynamic. I consider all my girlfriends like sisters to me, and their kids, like my own kids. We are one crazy bunch, and a little chaotic when we're all together, but it's such a fun time to see our kids growing up together, and learning new things from each other. I hope we're still hanging out on our back patio in the spring/summer when we're old and gray! 

Who wants to play along? It's always fun giving little random factoids about yourself!
I think everyone should play along, but I'll tag a few of my blogging buddies for fun...

Lindsi @ The Hancocks

Caroline @ Simply Smithwick

Go check out their blogs if you want some fun reading material, love all those girls!


Lindsi said...

Fun! :) Thanks for tagging me--I'll definitely play along.

Lacey said...

Um, my list is way too similar to yours! :) Thanks for tagging me.

Miss Southern Vol said...

LOVE THIS!! So glad you got to play along! Have a wonderful day girl!!

Angie said...

That picture of the beach looks so good right now! I want to go so bad!!!!! Fun post :)

Mateya said...

I wish I loved our church more. In a small town, there aren't many options and they are all so traditional. I like traditional at times, but I miss the fun music of contemporary services!

I LOVE everything baby too! I have to stop myself from buying clothes for our future kids ALL THE TIME!

Ashley E. said...

Yay! Thanks for tagging me! And yes, you NEED an embroidery machine!!! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I am jealous of your sewing ability! If I could sew on buttons and hem pants I'd be happy! haha

Katie said...

Thanks for tagging me in this!! I really enjoyed reading your 10 things :) If I wasn't trying to play catch up from the past couple of days I would totally be on this. I have an update for you too! I'll email it to you.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Hi! New follower here! Found your blog through Lacey at Bugs & Kisses....love finding fellow KS bloggers! Though as a die hard KState fan...I'll have to look past that giant bird in the middle of your post! ;)

Kelly said...

Ahhh, I cannot wait for your vacay to Disney just so we all can see amazing beach photos!! I can't imagine how good the sand will feel between your toes :-D And one more thing-- ROCK CHALK ;-)