Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Addaline!!


Today is your birthday. You are 4 years old, FOUR! I keep saying it to myself over and over, because I can't hardly believe it. I feel like just the other day, you were a sweet, chunky, squishy  baby, and now you're all grown up (not really, I'm just being dramatic). Looking back on pictures today definitely has me feeling sentimental, and teary eyed, which doesn't take much for me. I wish I could keep you this little forever, but I know that's not possible. I just feel like you're at such a fun age, that I don't want you to get any bigger! 

I know I saw this all the time, but you are such a character. Sometimes I never know what is going to come out of your mouth, and cringe when you start talking. You are definitely the life of the party, and pretty much always have been. You love to entertain, and make people life. I think you have made your sister come out of her shell a bit and have her loving to be the center of attention as well. You have such a special relationship with Macie, and I love watching you two interact with each other (when you're not fighting). 

Thank you for giving me 4 of some of the best years of my life. It is such a joy to be your mother, and I can't wait to see the kind of young lady you turn into, but not for a LONG time, OK?! 


Photos of Addaline over the years. Just uploading them is making me teary eyed. Someone please find that pause button for me, kthanks! 

 7 months pregnant with Addaline
 1 tooth grin

 1st birthday 
 Love these girls

 On her birthday, today, waiting in line at preschool

Being a mother is such a blessing, and I thank God for it every day!! 


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your youngest! She certainly is a cutie!

Love the photo booth!

MrsV said...

Totally in love with the last picture!! I saw this on Pinterest! Amazing! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

P.S. - If you find this so called "pause" button, do share!! =)

Mateya said...

OH I love it! You were such a cute pregnant lady! :)

mrs.mfc said...

Awww Happy Birthday Addaline!

Holly said...

She is adorable! I love the little shirt with the coin bag on it. :)

Kelly said...

Happy happy birthday to Little A!! :-D Such adorable photos, as always!! Hope she had the best day :-)

Michelle said...

what a sweet post - love all the pictures! Happy birthday sweet Addaline :D You are one special girl!