Friday, October 7, 2011

Date Night with my Girl!

A while back, I found out Miranda Lambert was coming to concert here, and really wanted to go, but didn't end up following through and purchasing tickets. Yesterday, I kept seeing people talking about going to the concert on facebook, and I immediately regretted my decision in not buying Macie and I tickets to go. So, cue the whining to Gerrad, and my friend Jamie, via text message... and then a phone call from G that he found a steal of a deal on tickets in the town he was working in, on craigslist. He got 2 tickets, $60 seats a piece, for $50, WHOO HOO! When Gerrad got home from work, he casually handed the tickets to Macie and then we waited for her reaction. She was super excited to go, and was such a trooper, even though we were at the concert 2 1/2 hours after her bedtime. 

We had a dinner date with G and Addaline, and then headed for the concert. I left my camera at home because I was certain they would search my bag and wouldn't let me bring it in. That's what I get for assuming, no one searched my bag, and all Macie and I got was crappy cell phone pics from our night, boo :(

 My girl and I waiting for Miranda to come on. 
 Macie was super excited.
 Miranda rocking the house.
 Miranda's new group, Pistol Annies was there as well, LOVE them!
This is how close we were to the stage. Not too shabby for last minute tickets huh?! Thanks again G for getting us the tickets. Such a fun night!

P.S. If you're looking for the Fall's Favorite Finds linkup, come back NEXT Friday to link up your post. We had a few people who didn't get their packages on time, so we wanted to give everyone the chance to receive their package, and have time to blog their goodies!

P.P.S. Don't forget to enter my scarf necklace giveaway. I will close the giveaway Sunday evening, and announce the winner Monday morning!


mrs.mfc said...

Oh my goodness I bet that was so much fun!! Yes those are great seats!

Rebekah said...

What a fun night! I'm so glad you both had a great time!

Mateya said...

Glad you girls had fun! You both look so cute and Macie looks so happy :)

Holly said...

You're such a fun mom!!

Ashley said...

How fun! I bet Macie just loved it! I am a huge Miranda fan and saw her in concert several years ago. She's amazing!

Summer said...

first off ive missed u to bits...ive been so sick i haven't had much time to blog...just got out of cancer center yesterday resting today for kelcee's big bday tommorrow and thought I would check n on my fav peeps...omg i luv ur new bloggy look it is super cute and u know i luv it hince i luv zebra ha...ya for a girlie night out with ur fav gal, score on the seats, wow u rocked getting such great seats, brownie points for the hubs....what a great night girl...glad ya'll had fun...Macie is such a cutie...her little face is lit up like nobodies business...guess miranda lambert will do that to ya lol...xoxo

Katie said...

What a fun night, Molly! So glad you & macie had a chance to go - what a great memory you both will have!!

MrsV said...

It was a great show! So glad you pretty ladies enjoyed your evening together!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Anonymous said...

1. Most importantly, I LOVE the new hair, girl! You are rockin' some bangs!!!

2. The new look on the site is awesome! Love the colors.

3. Love me some concerts. So glad you and cute patootie #1 got to go!!

Kelly said...

Wow!! Such great seats!! You two loom so cute :-D Also? I'm mad that I missed your giveaway-- sooo fun!! Guess that means I'll have to make one myself, huh? ;-)

-Emily- said...

What a fun night! and those are DEF pretty awesome seats!! AND I absolutely love Miranda Lambert :)