Friday, April 17, 2009

The Wreck, Mole Removal and Addaline

So THIS is how my day started off first thing Wednesday morning and just seemed to go on a downhill slide from there. I was sitting right where the stop sign in this picture is when this wreck took place in front of me and they actually ended up drifting into the front of my car as well. It was pretty scary to see that take place right in front of me and not really be able to do anything to help. It was a teenage drivers fault (the car on the right of this pic) he decided to turn left JUST as the other car was coming straight, it was almost like he either thought he could make it or didn't see her. Addaline was with me in the car and seemed pretty confused by what was happening with all the lights and sirens but she did just fine and a friend came and picked her up from me and took her to daycare since we were only about 2 miles away from the sitter's house... Thanks again Courtney! The Sheriff instructed me that I would need to replace Addaline's car seat (which I already knew) and I have been dealing with the teens insurance company ever since and have gotten NO WHERE which is really started to get on my last nerve. I'm praying for patience for myself but so far it's not working too well.

Later in the day Wednesday I had 3 "suspicious" moles removed and that actually went a lot better than I had anticipated. My Dr told me that she thought they all looked relatively normal and she only had slight suspicions about one of them but was pretty confident it was normal once she removed it and saw the skin underneath (sorry if this is TMI). I will not have any kind of results on them until next week but I have a sense of peace that everything is ok with them and there will be no traces of melanoma in ANY of them, say a little prayer for me if you think about it.

Moving onto Addaline... she has been having some crazy bouts of diarrhea lately (yes I AM about to blog about my daughters poo again). I had placed a call into the Dr's office earlier in the week and she told the nurse she wanted to talk to me more about it in person at my appointment Wednesday so I patiently waited to hear what she thought was going on. She gave me a few options of how to start the process of ruling things out that she thought it could be. She suggested doing blood work first to test for food allergies and celiac disease, then at the same time to provide the lab with a stool sample so they could check for any kind of bacterial infection. The food allergy would make the most sense because we already know she is allergic to peanut butter, she breaks out in hives all over her chin/cheeks if she eats it. The celiac thing does not please me in the least bit because then that means she will have to go on a special diet with all gluten free foods which is almost impossible as EVERYTHING has gluten in it. If we find out she has a food allergy it will be pinpointed what she is allergic to and then we will know to steer clear of that food, guess we'll find out next week as well. I'm really thinking it sucks that our Dr is out of town until next Wednesday as you all know I am NOT a patient person and hate waiting for answers.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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