Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

These 2 beautiful girls are what makes me a mother today. I am SO very grateful that God blessed me with these precious, healthy, ever changing and growing bundles of joy. Today on this Mother's Day I can't help but feel God's gifts all around me. I look at my girls every day and wonder what I did to deserve such amazing treasures. They love me for who I am and never judge. They think it's the coolest thing ever when I dance around like a crazy woman in their bedrooms making up songs to make them laugh. When one of them falls and scrapes their knee or bumps their head, I'm the one who was chosen to kiss their pain and their tears away. I am the one who gets to sit in the front row of Macie's dance recital's every year crying like a school girl that my 'baby' is growing up and there is nothing I can to do stop it, but I still know I am blessed to walk this road of life with her. I am the one that gets to pick Addaline up every day from daycare to have her leap into my arms and hug and kiss me like she hasn't seen me for an eternity. Me... I am the lucky one who is the PROUD mother to 2 girls who mean more to me than life itself!

Gerrad took Macie shopping to pick out whatever she wanted to get me for Mother's Day and I must say that kid knows my taste and bought me some AWESOME gifts. I know you don't read this Macie but Thank You honey, I LOVE YOU! She picked the watch and the necklace out for me and I couldn't be happier. I ordered my bracelet from a jewelry party a few weeks back and my sneaky husband schemed to get it from the host of the party and had it engraved with each one of the girls names on each side. I was so blown away that he would take the time to do something so sweet for me, Gerrad I LOVE YOU too! (I know HE reads this)

These are the things that the girls did for me for Mother's Day at school/daycare. Addaline made such a wonderful little card for me and also helped paint the planter that my beautiful flower is in. The roses came from Church this morning and I thought that was sweet as well. Macie planted a flower for me at school and brought it home one night this week, I already transplanted it in a pot outside and it's bloomin' away.

I can't leave out my own Mother on this day, as she is the woman who helped make me who I am today... She has truly become my best friend, I can go to her with anything and she will not ridicule or be quick to speak, she listens and gives me advice (when solicited). She loves me and my family more than words can say and I can just tell every time she lays eyes on my daughters. She is a fabulous Grandmother and both of my girls adore her more than anything. The girls and I took my mom to a pottery place in town Friday night and picked something out for her and Macie and myself to design. We settled on a large square plate with both the girls hand prints on them and a sweet saying that reads 'A Garden of Love Grows in a Grandma's Heart' and she painted some flowers around the girls' hand prints. It turned out fabulous! Thank you Mom for being who you are! I LOVE YOU!

This Mother's Day brought another special meaning to our family as well... Addaline was dedicated at Church this morning. It was a very nice presentation and she received a small pink bible with her name engraved on it which I'm sure she'll love when she gets a little older and is able to appreciate it.

From this mommy to you, I hope if you are a mom already or are trying to become a mom that you feel as blessed as I do on this day, and every day!

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