Thursday, May 7, 2009

THIS is American Idol

SO... as promised here is my weekly recap/opinion of American Idol. How many times in Ryan Seacrest's A.I. life do you think he has said the famous words 'THIS is American Idol'? Probably WAY too many to count. I digress... So this week was 'Rock' week which turned out to be pretty good (once again, just my opinion folks). We'll start with my LEASE favorite contestant, Adam sang Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love'. My husband was nearly thrown out of the house to sleep on the patio because he said Adam "nailed it"... whatever Gerrad you wouldn't know a well sung rock song if it slapped you in the face (j/k honey if you're reading this, he really does, I'm just giving him a hard time). As much as I dislike Adam, sometimes I like watching the show just to see what kind of antics he’ll bring with every performance, the spandex pants this week, a HUGE NO-NO, seriously what goes through that guys head as he picks out his wardrobe? What I dislike the most about Adam is the judges trying to cram him down everyone’s throat and falling all over themselves like he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. He isn’t. At least not to me.

Moving on... Danny Gokey sang "Dream On"... I thought he did fairly well until he hit the high note at the end, WHAO, let me be the first to say that was NOT a good idea. Allison Iraheta sang "Cry Baby" by Janice Joplin, I thought she did really well but she is still not one of my favorites so I really don't care either way. Kris Allen sang "Come Together" by the Beatles and I thought he did GREAT, he is my favorite so I think anything he sings is good, plus I really like the Beatles and that song in particular so I loved it! I also LOVED the duet with Danny and Kris, their harmonies were AWESOME (again just my opinion). Adam and Allison, yeah OK whatever!

So as we all know by now Allison went home and I was not in the least bit surprised. I'm super pumped to get to the finals and see who is still remaining.

Did anyone else think Paula Abdul's performance was a JOKE? It was like a bad dream that I was really hoping would end before it even started, WOWZA! She needs to retire and hang up her microphone.

So long Allison, best of luck...

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Caroline said...

Kris is my fav too. He is adorable, I even say that in front of my husband, but I can't help it. I hope he wins.