Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordful Wednesday (Again)

Macie Rene: August 20, 2002

So this wordful Wednesday I decided I felt like taking a trip down memory lane after reading a post by my friend Caroline about her sweet son I felt like copying off her a little and doing the same to tell the momentous birth stories of my daughters with all the bloody details without getting into too much detail.

Macie is my first born daughter who is full of energy and life. She is very tender hearted like her momma and takes everything literally. During the 1st trimester (and most into the 2nd) I was sicker than a dog with her and had to take medicine to keep any sort of food down. She definitely made up for it though later on with her fast as lightening for a first time mom, birth. My water broke at 4:30am with her, I sat up in bed and this gush came (sorry if that's TMI). I waited around at home as long as possible but knew I needed to get ready to head to the hospital. We finally made our way there around 6:30-7:00am, when we arrived I was already 5 cm dilated and QUICKLY got an epidural (I'm no fool, good for you if you did it naturally, nothankyouverymuch). Macie Rene made her way into this world at 10:25am after pushing for a short while and weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz and was 20.5" long. She was the perfect baby from birth, slept through the night at 6 weeks; never cried unless she was hungry; was an all around pleasant and SUPER easy first baby. She definitely spoiled Gerrad and I. Here are a few pictures of Macie after she was born and a few others...

Our first pictures with Macie after she was born

Macie at 2 weeks old, Macie at 1 yr, 2 yrs and 3 yrs old

She is definitely my laid back girl (minus the attitude flare ups) and I thank my lucky stars for her every day!

Addaline Grace: September 27, 2007

Addaline is our 2nd born daughter and also a gift from God. Gerrad and I tried to get pregnant with Addaline for a while, after a miscarriage our hearts were broken and our dream of having another child was being questioned... We decided to give it one more try and whatever was to be would be. As you can see we ended up with another beautiful daughter. I was blessed with the morning sickness curse again (did I really just say blessed and morning sickness in the same sentence?) but thankfully not as bad as it was with Macie. I made it through the 1st trimester very carefully and did everything by the books in hopes of carrying this baby through this time, it worked! Being pregnant is definitely not my forte and I remembered why towards the end when we were remodeling our house in the 100+ degree weather and my ankles were the size of my thighs of my non-pregnant ankles. I tried EVERYTHING to put myself into labor with Addaline starting at 37 weeks, but NOTHING worked and I ended up having to be induced on Sept. 27 just 3 days shy of my due date. I'm STILL willing to kiss the ground my OB/Gyn walks on for getting me out of 3 more days in the body of a beached whale bikini goddess. After 8 hours of the easiest labor ever and an epidural of course, Addaline Grace entered the world at a whopping 8 lbs 13 oz (say it with me people O.U.C.H) and 21 1/4" long. She was born hungry and stayed that way for a suckling 12 months (who am I kidding she is still a little piglet). She slept and nursed like a champ the first month or two and then decided she needed to wake every 3 hours during the night after I went back to work to get her comfort feedings. She is still a mommas girl and I have a feeling she'll always be; although if you give any inkling that you'll give her food she'll ditch me and be your BFF lickety split! Here are a few pictures of Addaline after she was born and a few others as well...

Me at 33 weeks pregnant with Addaline

Macie (the BEST big sister EVER) and Addaline as a newly teamed up duo

The new trio of girls, sorry Gerrad you're WAY out numbered now

Our first picture as a family of 4

Addaline's hospital picture... I am a KU Jayhawk fan but I let Gerrad pick her 'going home' outfit and he is a die hard Texas Longhorns fan

So those are the stories of 2 of the happiest days of my life... Hope you enjoyed them!

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Lindsey said...

I love those girls like they were my own! :) Even if Macie 'doesn't get it'! Hehehe!