Thursday, May 21, 2009

Victory is MINE Kris Allen's

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So as you all know I've voiced my opinion loud and clear subtly on my blog about how I feel in regards to the contestants on American Idol. You all know my love for Adam, NOT! Let me just give you some dialogue from last night at our house real quick so you get the vibe... I paused the show right before they announced the winner...

Me: So who do you REALLY think is going to win tonight? Think long and hard before you answer that question.

Gerrad: I'm not really sure, want to make a bet about it?

Me: Sure, bring it on! I'm CERTAIN that Kris will win, how sure are you?

Gerrad: I bet you a million dollars that ADAM wins!


Ok now flash back to the show as I press play... The next American Idol is....

KRIS ALLEN (in Ryan Seacrest's radio voice)!!!!!!

I then LEAPT off the couch, over the huge ottoman (yes I'm apparently a hurdler) and into the middle of the family room and was squealing with delight. I was shaking my groove thing all over the place, actually jumped on Gerrad on the couch and was saying 'WHOOOO HOOOOO' right in his ear. How immature so very mature and age appropriate am I?! If only my husband really had that million dollars that he bet me, I'd be RICH!

I was SO happy for Kris Allen and his family. His dad really captivated me when they did the home town tours and his dad was crying like a baby when he talked about how proud he was of his son. To see a grown man crying tears of joy and beaming with the love and pride for his son definitely brought me to tears, DUH! So congrats Kris Allen, once quoted as 'A dark horse in the running' has now captured tons of Americans with his singing and wonderful personality, oh and not to forget his love for God and passion for worship! Can't wait to see what's in store for him next! Victory is mine Kris' and it feels GREAT!

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