Friday, June 26, 2009

Chick Flick Movie Night

'My Sister's Keeper'...

Tonight I'm having a movie date night with one of my best girl friends Lindsey. We've both been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with motherhood as ALL mothers experience and decided we need a break to hang out and laugh hysterically cry until we have no more tears left at this movie. The previews to this movie are enough to bring me to tears so I can only imagine. There is a lot of sadness to be discovered in the blog world sometimes, which is real life and it happens... I can only imagine seeing this movie will be like thinking about all the parents I've read about that have lost a child-SO emotional!

Here is the synopsis of the movie...

ara (Cameron Diaz) and Brian Fitzgerald (Jason Patric) have just been informed that their young daughter Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) has leukemia, and that she only has a few years to live. The doctor suggests to the parents that they try an unorthodox medical procedure of producing another child in a test-tube that would be a perfect match as a donor for Kate. Sara will try anything to save Kate, and they have a new baby Anna (Abigail Breslin) to be used as a donor for Kate. The first thing they use is blood from the umbilical cord for Kate. As years go on, the doctors must take bone marrow from Anna to give to Kate. At age 11, the next thing Anna must give to her sister is a kidney. Anna has had enough of all of these medical procedures, and she decides to sue her parents for medical emancipation and the right to decide how her body will be used. The whole family is being torn apart by Anna's decision because everyone knows what will happen to Kate if she doesn't get a new kidney

Are any of you ladies going to see this movie with your gal pals or even try to drag your hubby to see it? I must admit I'm pretty pumped about going to the movie for the simple fact that I will be shoving my face with junk food 99% of the show time =)
Did I mention a few of my other friends were coming? Have you met them?

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Lindsey said...

WWWWAAAAAHHHHOOOO!!!!! I'm so extremely excited...mostly for the snacks, not gonna lie :) We deserve tonight...for sure!