Monday, June 8, 2009


Don't we all just have moments in our lives when something makes us really proud? Maybe it's yourself, that you're amazed you reached a certain goal. Maybe it's an A your child got on his/her report card. Maybe it's the home run your child hit for the first time. Maybe it's your baby saying his/her first word. Or maybe sometimes it's your spouse that does something that totally blows you away and just melts your heart; mine is the latter today.

As I have explained in a previous post Macie has some eye issues going on right now. Her left eye is not very strong and sometimes crosses when she tips her head back. She has to wear a patch over her right eye for the next 8 weeks for a few hours a day to strengthen her vision in her left eye so it can get back to normal. She has been feeling really down on herself lately about the patch and it's been totally tearing Gerrad and I up. She was wearing it for a few hours in the morning at camp last week and I'm assuming too many questions were asked or someone made fun of her because tonight when I asked if she wore it all day the waterworks immediately started. She does NOT want to wear it at all, thinks its embarrassing, doesn't like all the kids asking her questions about it, etc... Gerrad and I made the arrangement with her that she can go back to wearing it in the evenings IF she puts it on right away when we walk in the door at night and wears it until bedtime. She was very teary about it and kept insisting she doesn't want to wear it at all, finally after a long talk Macie and Gerrad came to this conclusion...

That every night when Macie wears her patch he will wear one as well. I almost immediately burst into tears thinking about the wonderful man I was lucky enough to be able to walk through life with. He is the most amazing father EVER, he and the girls are the best of friends and can play and laugh together for hours. Sometimes I kid that he is my 3rd child but I wouldn't trade his playful side with the girls for the WORLD! He is a wonderful man and God has truly blessed me with him and our beautiful daughters. Never do I take him for granted and expect anything from him. He has come so far in his spirituality and is really starting to lead our family and I feel SO lucky each and every day. He is my true warrior!

Whether or not Macie truly appreciates this moment in her 6 year old mind right now or not she truly will when I show her this picture 20 years from now. She will know that her dad would/will do anything for her and her sister and would lay his life down if that's what it would take for them to be happy.

What has made you proud recently? A goal you hit? A grade card from your kiddo?

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Sunnymama said...

That is so sweet! I will pray for Macie's eye to correct itself soon! That has to be hard. She is truly beautiful! I hate it that kids are so hurtful and mean sometimes.

Chelsey said...

What a great father! I only wish I had a father like Gerrad in my life! Macie and Addaline are truly blessed to have you both! It seriously made me cry like a baby when I saw that pic! Macie be strong and remember we all love you!

Laura Fluke said...

That is so awesome... 2 thumbs up for G!!!

Jeff and Jennifer Molleker said...

I love that you shared this story with everyone and doted on your husband! What a blessing to have a man who is leading your family and growing in his faith. I too feel so blessed & beam with pride at how far Jeff has come- I believe he's going to be a great father. Anyway, I too will pray that God heals her eye.