Thursday, August 20, 2009

7 Years Ago Today

7 years ago today my life was forever changed. 7 years ago today at this exact moment I was in labor and wondering what her beautiful face would look like. 7 years ago today I was smiling through my epidural loving the fact that I wasn't feeling a single labor pain =) And then...7 years ago today at 10:32am ,Gerrad and I welcome Macie Rene into our family. Our lives were impacted more than we could have ever imagined, by this miracle baby that changed me forever. 4 hour labor and out she was, a 7 lbs 15 oz beautiful baby!

What you are up to these days Macie:

*You LOVE to sing and dance, it seems like that's all you do around the house. I hope you are able to use your talent for dancing when you get older

*You like to play volleyball and are really good for someone your age. I was shocked one day when I watched you play with some of our friends (who are in their 20's) and you were just as good as they were at volleying the ball back and forth!

*You are obsessed with school and missed it all summer. You LOVE school work and play it all the time at home. You don't play with any toys and spend most your evenings playing outside or pretending to give lesson plans to your fake students (your sister).

*You are the BEST big sister that any little sister could EVER ask for. You are so kind and gentle with Addaline and have been from day 1. You have never been jealous or mean to your sister, and you tell her you love her all the time. It melts my heart to see the 2 of you playing every day and night

*You used to be a momma's girl but have slowly become a daddy's girl and adore your dad more than I could have ever imagined. Kind of makes me a little sad but I LOVE that you guys have that special bond ;)

*You are a kid after my own heart, you LOVE shoes and can never have enough pairs. You ask for shoes all the time when we go shopping and try to correct me when you think something doesn't match. You are a true DIVA which cracks me up, and drives your dad nuts!

*You love listening to Christian music and it makes me so proud to see you riding your scooter down the sidewalk singing 'You are the Everlasting God'. You love to pray and make sure we always do so before most meals.


I want you to know how much you are truly loved and adored by so many people. You have truly changed my life and made me a better person. You have such a genuine spirit and truly care how people are feeling. You are such a tender hearted kiddo and worry about the safety of your family and every one's well being all the time. You want to make sure everyone is happy and things are running smoothly (you get that from your mother). You cry sometimes when you hear about peoples hurts, families heath problems or even about children you don't know that are sick, here and in foreign countries. I hope some day you grow up and further that love for nurturing in your own children, or children of the world!

I can't squeeze all the ways I feel about you into this blog posting, but know that I love you to the moon and back!!!

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erin said...

Beautiful post about your daughter. It is always so nice to think back on the delivery of our children. I think as they get older they love to hear the stories of what happened while Mommy was in the hospital waiting.