Monday, August 24, 2009

Cha Cha Changes...

So after much careful talk and consideration... my husband and I decided that I am going to be a stay at home mommy, while running a SMALL in home daycare. I am SOOO excited and can't even put into words how elated I am to do this. I have wanted to stay home for quite some time with the girls and have really been feeling like this is something that has been laid on my heart over the past few months. One day I was thinking about ways I could stay home with the girls and it just clicked, like a light bulb went off in my head and there it was!

I've decided I'm going to keep it fairly small for starters to feel out how I like it and what works for each kiddo. Maybe a year or two down the road when I get the hang of it and am a little more confident I'll take on a few more kids, MAYBE! I'm going to become registered with our state instead of becoming licensed for now. I wanted to make sure everything was going to work out and fall in to place before I started any of the process. With being registered I am allowed to watch up to 6 kids including my own and have officially filled all of my spots.

I gave my 2 weeks notice to my current job today and couldn't have been more nervous this morning before I turned it in. I literally thought I was going to have to vomit in my supervisors trash can while talking to her. I have too kind of a heart and hate letting people down, by quitting I felt this burden that I was letting her down. She was very supportive and assured me they would hate to see me go and will miss me so much. I've also been told MANY times that if the time ever comes when my kiddos are grown and I want to re-enter the work world I'd be more than welcome to come back to my agency. I thought that was super sweet.

I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday shopping for all kinds of daycare goods. I'll be posting pictures of my progress over the next few weeks, don't worry! We decided we're going to turn our formal living room into the daycare so last night was spent reorganizing and redecorating the basement family room where we spend a majority of our time. We moved the chair down to the basement from the living room and it fits perfectly and looks GREAT! I also got rid of all the sports theme decor, while twisting my husbands arm with my hubby's permission first of course. I'm SO pleased with how that room turned out as well. Now I have to tackle the new daycare room, I definitely have my work cut out for me.

I just wanted to share my excitement with all my awesome blog readers and can't wait for you to see the transformation in our house and in my life!

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Sunnymama said...

So excited for you!