Monday, August 31, 2009

Whirlwind Birthday Weekend

This past was one of the best Birthday's I've ever had, bar none! Friday afternoon my mom came over and made one of my favorite meals of all times, corned beef, mashed potatoes and corn. My dad joined us for dinner and brought another favorite-JELL-O cake!! We all ate and then watched the girls play downstairs the rest of the evening, it was a nice evening. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Gerrad and the girls gave me the gifts from them Friday night, even though it wasn't technically my birthday. Gerrad and Macie were both just chomping at the bit to have me open my presents, it was so cute to see both of them so excited. I'm sure Addaline would have been as well had she realized what was going on. From Gerrad I got some 'Bump Its', I'm sure you have all seen that commercial a few times.

EVERY time it comes on I always exclaim 'I want to try those', I think he got the hint and got them for me. I started cracking up because I never imagined that's what he'd get me for my birthday, too funny. I have tried them out but haven't been able to perfect them yet, they've got some crazy examples in the brochure that came with them, WOW! I'm all about a little poof for a cute ponytail or updo, but not a bee hive thank you very much. I'll post a pic once I finally figure them out.

From the girls I got the most beautiful 'Open Hearts' charm bracelet. Its by far one of my favorite gifts to date. So far it only has the 'Open Heart' charm on it but Gerrad said we can go in and order a few more charms sometime this week. He said there is a charm that reminded him of Macie, its a little girl with ballet shoes on. And there is a charm that reminded him of Addaline, which is a little girl with a huge hair bow in her hair. Too cute, can't wait to go check them out! This is the closest picture I could find on Kay's website of a similar bracelet. Picture this a full bracelet with the charm dangling instead of connecting the bracelet loops.

I had told my mom a few weeks ago about this necklace I had seen that I adored. I honestly didn't even think she was listening to me when I was telling her about it, but she obviously was paying very close attention because she got me one for my birthday! Its also a charm necklace. This isn't the exact necklace but it is close to the one I have. I took pictures but they're still on my camera (at home) so this will have to do until I can get those uploaded. Mine is bigger for sure and holds a lot more charms. The concept of the necklace is so neat, its like a see through locket in a way. You just open the necklace, and put the charms free standing in the glass. She got me one charm that says 'daughter' on it, I thought that was really special. I went Saturday morning and got a charm of each of the girls' birth stones and a cross to put into it.

** Ok I updated this picture and snapped one with my cell phone of my actual necklace instead of the one I found online**

Saturday late afternoon Gerrad and I headed to Kansas City to shop for a little bit before dinner and the movie. Some how as usual I managed to buy the girls a few things without even LOOKING for myself. Its amazing what being a mother does to your shopping life, ha ha!! The dinner and a movie experience was truly one of a kind, soooo nice! I think Gerrad and both decided we are going to try to make it an every few months date night. The theatre was awesome, so nice and classy. The cinema suites are 21+ only which is not anything we're used to in our home town theatre that's for sure! The movie we saw, 'Inglourious Basterds', was a phenomenal movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asked! Here's a view of the theatre seats that we enjoyed, SO relaxing!

Last night we went to dinner just the 4 of us at Red Robin to use my free birthday burger coupon... let me just add that our family of 4 all ate for only $6!! The girls shared a kids meal and Gerrad and I shared a burger. You fill up SO much from their fries there is no need to get your own meal! Then we went to my in-laws for some cake and ice cream which was delicious as well. My in-laws and my dad both gave me $$ which is MUCH appreciated. I haven't decided how I'm going to spend it yet... I'm thinking of putting it towards my camera fund, but shopping for myself sounds kind of nice too. Hmmm???

Thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and to my family for their generous gifts!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend..and you got some super cute gifts!!!! Happy late Birfday, Molly!!!