Friday, August 28, 2009

Go Shorty, its ya Birthday!!

Guess who is turning a whopping 26 tomorrow?? Any takers??


I feel like I've been SO preoccupied lately with planning the girls' birthday party (they're having a joint b-day party), doing all of Macie's birthday activities, planning a million baby showers, making tutu outfits and hair bows almost every night (thanks everyone for your orders), getting the daycare ready, shopping for the daycare, thinking about the daycare 24/7... that I almost forgot it was even my birthday. GEEZE!!

Gerrad and I are going to Kansas City tomorrow afternoon to shop around for a little while and then he's taking me to this place. I'm so excited about it! We love going to movies and try to as often as possible, its a nice few hours that we get to spend together alone (will 100 other people in the theater of course). This theatre is especially different because you are served dinner while watching the movie (or before, we're not sure of the order). You sit in reclining leather chairs and are waited on hand and foot basically, just what I need!

This is more on the topic of the girls' party but this is the color scheme I'm going for. I want to do cookies for their party for something different, they will look similar to one's pictured on the top left with each of the girls initial on the cookie. We'll do half with an 'M' and half with an 'A'.

I LOVE these cookies and can't wait to see how they turn out.

On a different note, I dressed the girls a like today for the first time since Addaline was born and let me be the first to say they look ADORABLE! They both have their Kansas Jayhawk shirts on and matching hair bows. Here is Macie showing off her hair bow, she thought she looked pretty cute! I'll get a better picture of them together tonight, I took these with my cell phone obviously!
Addaline kept saying 'CHEESE' over and over, too funny!!

This post is all over the place today, I apologize... This is what I am hoping I get for my birthday. I'm hoping between my husband and parents I can buy this and start getting in to photography a little bit. I LOVE taking pictures and editing them, and will hopefully be able to do this with a new camera SOON =) Hint Hint honey, if you're reading this! My camera which is only not even 2 years old, has officially shot craps so I'm hoping that is another selling point as to why I NEED this camera, ha ah!

Happy Friday everyone! I'll update about our busy weekend Sunday or Monday!


Lindsey said...

Have fun mama! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you oodles and toodles! <--what? I don't know.

Jessica said...

The cookies are super cute ~ that will be fun! You most definitely NEED that cam, hehe! Too much fun :) Have an awesome birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where you found the cookies. I would love to try to make them and also that cake. I just started baking more and taking a cake decorating class. Always looking for the next thing to try and make.

Ashley said...

Happy early birthday!!! ;) So fun girl! Your girls are just precious.. And the cookies are presh! I want to know too, where did you find those???

The Sparks Plugs said...

Happy Birthday! Cookies are adorable..and so are the little girls!! too cute!

You will love the camera..I have a rebel..isn't that what it is..make sure to get them off the buy will rape you!

I love fork and screen! Eat first and drink all can you go wrong?!?!

Have a grand weekend.