Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carousel and Boo at the Zoo

The weekend before last we had our nieces 2nd birthday at the carousel at our local park. It was a great time and the kids had a BLAST. I think Addaline rode the carousel probably 10 times, all I heard out of that girls mouth the whole party was 'Again, AGAIN'. Too cute! That same morning was an event called Boo at the Zoo, the kids get to trick'or'treat around the zoo while wearing their costumes, SO fun!

The girls riding the carousel

Macie striking a pose

Gerrad and Addaline on the carousel

'Mommy this is SO much fun :)'

Addaline striking a post like her big sister

The Besties! Addaline and Emma at Boo at the Zoo, Super Girl and the Ballerina

Super Girl taking a break from trick-or-treating to take a picture

The future pre-arranged marriages Super Girl and Yoda will one day wed and Bat Girl and Anakin Skywalker will also one day get hitched!

Chester Cheetah and Bat Girl aka Macie

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Anonymous said...

I love Addalines cute pig tales. Looks like a fun time. I wish we could have seen you there. We didn't go until abotu 3 pm though.