Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful- Wednesday

Continuing on with the Thankful theme...

Today I am thankful for my husband Gerrad. He has been there for me in my darkest hours and stood by me through thick and thin. We are not perfect by any means, we've struggled just like any normal couple. We're always able to forgive quickly and talk through things so we don't spend time being angry. I love that he is my best friend and I can tell him anything and he understands. He keeps me grounded when my temper gets the best of me. He supports me in all my decisions no matter what.

Thank you Gerrad for loving me for me. For standing by me through everything. For getting up everyday to make a living to support our family. I am truly thankful for you and am so glad to have met you 8 years ago! You've blessed me with 2 wonderful children and more than I could ever ask for, I love you!

I am blogging this courtesy of my blackberry, otherwise I would post a picture of my sweet hubby!

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