Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Macie's School Christmas Party

This week seems to just be flying by for some reason... I'm not sure if its because I took the week off for vacation (3 vacation days, 2 holidays) or what. Since Gerrad and I were off yesterday together we took Addaline with us and went to hang out with Macie for her class Christmas party at school. She was SO excited to have the 3 of us there, it was so cute. My camera has officially crapped out so these pictures are from my blackberry, hence the amazing quality (little sarcasm). Off the topic, but I'm really hoping for a new camera for Christmas!

Macie just adores school and has a blast with all her little friends and absolutely gets a huge kick out of showing off her little sister to her friends in class. Gerrad and I had a wonderful time just sitting back and enjoying our oldest thrive in one of her favorite environments. The room parents do SUCH a great job with planning the parties. They played a cute game and made Snowman thermometers that were super cute as well. Here are a few pics from the party...

Macie and her 2nd grade teacher Ms. T (I don't want to put her full name since I didn't ask permission ;) )

I love it when Addaline wears this hat, although it cracks me up it squishes her little face and eyes when she smiles

Addaline enjoying that mommy is actually letting her drink juice, its a rare occurrence

Macie showing off some of her goodies. Her teacher gave her a Santa hat full of goodies, she loved it!

Showing off the Snowman that she I made

Macie and Gerrad

Macie's friend from class invited her and another little girl to go to a movie with her and her mom so Macie was gone all evening last night. They went to see 'The Princess and the Frog' and Macie came home just raving about it, she had a blast. Gerrad and I finished up some Christmas shopping with Addaline and enjoyed a yummy dinner at Johnny Carino's.

I'll blog about The Nutcracker and church Christmas programs later this week as well. Hope you all are doing well and ready for Christmas. We're pretty much done, just need a few last minute things.

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