Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Photo Shoot

I did my first little photo shoot with the girls with my brand new camera, I thought the pictures turned out pretty darn cute so I wanted to share them. Its hard to get bad pictures though when your subjects are as cute as mine ;)

I put them in their KU Jayhawk gear for the pictures. Addaline kept saying 'Gooooooooooo Jayhawks' over and over, so cute! Their daddy will not be pleased that they aren't in burnt orange and white for the Texas Longhorns, whoops!

I could just eat these dimples up with a spoon!!

Not too bad for my first time huh?
I've got TONS of Christmas pictures and lots to tell you all but I'll save that for tomorrow or Thursday. Hope everyone had a GREAT holiday and has a safe and Happy New Year!


Lindsey said...

I soooo almost put close to that exact comment of A's dimple on your Facebook!! I absolutely love those little girls and their sweet smiles! I miss them! AND YOU TOO!!

Leslie said...

Adorable pictures Molly!!