Tuesday, January 19, 2010

'The Bachelor' Recap

This week we went to Lindsey's house to watch 'The Bachelor', and as always it was a blast. Lindsey, Katie, Melisa and I just LOVE Monday nights now! This weeks episode was nothing shy of a train wreck, Holy DRAMA Batman!

Let's start with my favorites as usual. I'm still loving Ali, although last night she got a little catty which kind of surprised me. I still really like her, I just hope she keeps it classy from here on out. She seemed to be on a mission to get Vienna off the show, which I'm all about since I clearly can't stand her, but I'm hoping she tones it down a bit.
I'm also still loving Kathryn, she is such a sweetie. She seemed to stand out a little more to me last night, but I still think she needs to step it up quite a bit if she wants Jake to continue noticing her.
L.O.V.E.D Jake and Ella's date and how he brought her son Ethan on the show, that melted my heart. I thought they all looked like such a cute little family. She still isn't my top favorite, but I really like her. I'm glad she got to see her son and Jake interact in case she IS the one, she's knows there is a connection there with the two of them.
Tenley... I must say after watching the previews for this weeks episode, I was on PINS AND NEEDLES waiting for her to announce that she was pregnant. Once again ABC tricked us to get us all to tune in, I would have tuned in anyway, but that was a tricky move. I found this article about how she pranked him about being pregnant when she was telling him about her divorce, but they deleted the scene. Tricky tricky! I still really like her and hope she sticks around for a while!
Elizabeth was kind of getting on my nerves last night. I had really liked her up until last nights episode when she and Jake were talking before the rose ceremony. I think she was really getting on his nerves with the no kissing thing. Especially when she got on the stage for the comedy act and cussed like a sailor saying all kinds of raunchy things, but yet she wouldn't kiss him. Seemed to me like he had enough, and I can't blame him!
Now onto the dislikes....
Michelle, oh Michelle. Thank you for sealing your own fate and going crazy on Jake again this week. Thankfully he had enough for your 10 personalities and ditched you with a quickness! I love how she threatened to pack her things and that she was ready to go, but if he wanted her to stay she would. She has cried wolf so many times, he finally got annoyed and gave her the boot. Don't even get me started about when she asked him for a kiss... his facial expression said it all! He looked like he would have rather jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge right then and there. One of the girls said it best when they said "Michelle doesn't need a husband, she needs a THERAPIST" AMEN!! So long 'Stage 5 Clinger!' Thanks for the few weeks of entertainment!
Vienna. I'm still not a fan of her, and I'm more than ready for her to go. I know she and Jake hit it off last night, but I'm still not sold on her. I wish they would show her reacting more with all the other girls since they seem to dislike her so much, but they aren't showing us that drama yet. I'm not 100% sure why I dislike her so much, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way!

Did you watch it this week? If so what did you think? I can't wait for next weeks episode. Its SO much fun getting together with the girls weekly and just laughing and acting ridiculous!
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Lindsey said...

Nicely put Moll! Those silly girls and their drama...but boy do I live for it every Monday night!